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Looking for more information on the Roadmap to a Sustainable Waste Management Future? Please contact:
Kimberly Y. Lyman - (626) 458-2521
Wendy Bui - (626) 300-4593

To contact a specific Focus Area Lead, please use the contact information below:

Focus Area Lead Contact
County Operations Christopher Sheppard (626) 458-3592
Nilda Gemeniano (626) 458-5184
County Unincorporated
Suk Chong (626) 458-5167
Steve Milewski (626) 458-3573
Regional/Countywide Martins Aiyetiwa (626) 458-3553
Charles Darensbourg (626) 458-5163

To get more information on a number of award-winning programs that help residents, business, and government keep the County sustainable, visit the CleanLA website.

Visit the Los Angeles County Public Works at our headquarters in Alhambra, CA (map).