Available Fill Materials


The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works oversees the operation and maintenance of the County's flood control system, which is comprised of dams, channels, storm drains and debris protection facilities that where either built by the Flood Control District or other entities that transferred them to the Flood Control District for operation and maintenance. Each year Public Works relocates approximately 300,000 cubic yards of sediment, which collects in the various debris retaining structures scattered throughout the County. This excavated sediment is primarily trucked to Public Works' sediment placement sites (SPSs). However, if the sediment could be diverted to a site other than an SPS (i.e. private users with grading permits or cities and/or local agencies with projects needing material), thus preserving capacity in the SPSs for emergency situations, this is always the preferred method of placement. We have trucked our excavated debris basin sediment to various users for over 50 years, with excellent results and many happy customers. In order to use this resource in a more effective manner we are seeking to expand this practice.

On the Upcoming Debris Basin Clean-Outs link, is a location map of the debris basins that are slated for sediment cleanout projects along with their estimated volumes of sediment needing removal. At this point in time, we do not have any recent sediment quality analysis for these debris basin cleanout sites.

If you are interested in receiving sediment from any of our upcoming clean-outs or have any questions regarding the process, please contact Public Works' Sediment Manager via e-mail. Public Works' policy for hauling sediment to your facility/jobsite is based on issues related to distance, permits/authorizations, and haul routes. Some of the conditions are as follows:

  • For any amount of sediment in excess of 50 cubic yards, Public Works will require evidence of valid grading permit from the local permitting agency indicating the site is authorized to receive sediment for fill.
  • You need to provide a staging area of adequate size for the material being delivered to your facility/jobsite.
  • Public Works is not responsible for compacting, placing, grading, etc. any of the material. It will merely be delivered by Public Works.
  • All material is delivered by Public Works "as is", with no claims or implied warranties.
  • The hauling distance from the debris basin to your site should be similar to the haul distance to our SPS.
  • You will need to provide to Public Works verification that the applicable local jurisdictions approve the haul route to your facility/jobsite.