Puente Creek Bikeway
  • Project Scope:
    Construct approximately 1.8 miles of Class I Bike Path along Puente Creek from Hacienda Bl to Rimgrove Dr; and approximately 0.4 miles of Class III Bike Route on Rimgrove Dr from Puente Creek to Witzman Dr and on Witzman Dr from Rimgrove Dr to Amar Rd. Installation of a new pedestrian traffic signal crossing at Valinda Ave, new curb ramps, and raised crosswalks will be installed at each intersection crossing along the bike path. Greenway elements include native and drought tolerant landscaping where possible, new omega style fencing along both sides of the bike path, new decorative wrought iron access gates, wayfinding signage, and a rest area near Valinda Avenue featuring amenities such as a trellis, a bench, a trash receptacle, and pet waste dispenser.
  • Project Benefits:
    This project will expand the aesthetics of the flood control channel right of way, mobility for users by connecting them to a community park, local schools, and other amenities, and the health and safety of pedestrians and bicyclists of the surrounding communities.
  • Community Engagement:
    A project information flyer and a pre-construction brochure will be provided just after the project has been awarded and a week prior to start of construction.
  • Project Location:
    Puente Creek from Hacienda Bl to Rimgrove Dr (bike path) Rimgrove Dr from Puente Creek to Witzman Dr (bike route) Witzman Dr from Rimgrove Dr to Amar Rd (bike route)
  • Cost Estimate:
    Total Project: $12,115,000 Construction: $9,000,000 Grant Funds: $3,000,000
  • Economic Impact:
    Project construction supports 74 direct and indirect jobs.
  • Schedule:
    - Final Plans – Early 2024
    - Advertise for Construction Bids – Summer 2024
    - Start of Construction – Early 2025

    Note - Dates subject to change

Please contact us with any questions about this project.
Precious Crosby, Project Manager
Office: (626) 458-3198
Location Map