Gates Canyon
Stormwater Improvements Project



Water Quality

• Underground cistern with supplemental infiltration wells

Water Supply

• Using stormwater and non-stormwater runoff to irrigate the landscape at Gates Canyon Park


• Educational signage

The Gates Canyon Stormwater Improvements Project is located in the unincorporated area of Calabasas, CA. The Project will capture, store and treat for irrigation, and infiltrate urban runoff and stormwater from 105 acres of residential land from the neighboring area.

The use of this water will help offset other water demand as well as improve downstream waterbodies such as Las Virgenes Creek and Malibu Creek.

Planning 2016 & 2017
Final Design Early 2018
Advertisement and Award Mid 2018
Construction Closeout Early 2023
Effectiveness Monitoring Mid 2023


DECEMBER 2020 – Drone video construction time lapse.

APRIL 2020 – The new grass, trees, and educational signs have been placed in the park play fields. Fencing will remain in order to protect the new grass until it is better established. Due to recent rain delays, work on the storm drain diversion structure under the roadway is still ongoing. All major work should be completed by end of May.

JANUARY 2020 – The restroom and equipment structure has been completed. Grading and conditioning of the play field has been completed, while placement of the new grass and trees are to follow in the coming weeks. Work on the diversion structure in the roadway is ongoing and anticipated to be completed in March.

OCTOBER 2019 - Construction within the park is on-going as the surface is graded and restored to previous conditions. Work on the roadways has begun and anticipated to continue into late December.

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• For additional information, please contact Alberto Grajeda at (626) 300-4622 or