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1 What is a Type V sheet and how do I get one?

2 What is the Termino Avenue Storm Drain Project?

3 - Is the Department of public works under contract with Network Piping Monitoring Systems company? - Does the Department of Public Works or EPA requires/Mandates the installation of a "Kane MP GI-678 Tamper Proof Grease/Solvent Detector Devise" or any other monitoring divises?

4 I wanted to get in touch with the individual in charge of the County's trails and pathways. Who would I need to contact in that capacity? Please let me know!

5 Is a variable speed pump mandatory for a pool? Can I install a 1hp or 1.5hp (one speed pump) for a pool ? The pool will be constructed in Canyon Country.

6 A group of home owners in benedict canyon would like to institute an assessment district paid through their property taxes for the installation of street lighting and underground utilities. Can you help or refer me to someone that can tell me if any bond program is available for infrastructure replacement?

7 I received the notice for home banking about including the account number and customer number on my water bill pay profile. I use my bank's website to pay my bills. Do I need to do anything different to make sure my payments are properly applied?

8 What is a debris basin?

9 What are the operating hours for the Cashier's Office?

10 What is the PW Customer-Invoice Payment Status Inquiry?

11 The street I live on (Altadena Drive between Marengo and Fair Oaks) doesn't have sidewalks on one side of the street. How do we get a sidewalk built on this side, or is this not something the County would do for us?

12 Subject: Question regarding Horse Trails in L.A. County Will you please advise who maintains the horse trails in L.A. County, especially the ones that run along the 605 freeway and along the bike routes in the City of Norwalk? Also, are there certain hours that the horse trails can be used? Thank you! Kathleen M. Palomares Office Assistant I Department of Public Safety Substation 10921 Firestone Boulevard Norwalk, CA 90650 (562) 929-5685; Fax: (562) 929-5687

13 Hi! I know how to dispose sharps but what about the strips that contain blood? I've seen at the Doctor's office they have the strips mixed in the same container which I guess would make sense but when I asked a nurse she said you don't have to do it. Where should the Glucose strips go? Thanks for the reply!

14 How many times a year, can Los Angeles County residents dispose of household hazardous waste and electronic waste and at what locations?

15 Does Public Works have plans for an Android application?

16 Can one dispose of spray paint cans in the regular household trash? Can spray cans be recycled?

17 I am trying to obtain a performance bond in order to get a contract with the County of Los Angeles. Can you please give me information on what the requirements are for a performance bond or where I can find the requirements? Thank you. Sheila Claiborne

18 The LADBS referred me to you to see if you have copies of Certificates of Compliance that I could get for a few parcels of land in Los Angeles County. Please advise.

19 Pavement around Sewer Cover is broken and missing.

20 The new Target store is violating the plastic bag ban. They are using single-use plastic bags for all purchases.

21 I am not able to find any information on how I would go about getting an address.

22 I am considering purchasing a lot in Altadena, Woodbury Heights area, to subdivide into 6 parcels and constructing 6 affordable housing units with a private drive. The lot is approximately 30,000 sf. There are 4 existing parcels on the same block that are 50 x 54, which is basically what I would like to do, as well as other multi-family property across the street and surrounding area. My questions are 1) who can I talk to at the County, prior to purchasing the property, to discuss the feasibility, and 2) what the procedure and lead times are for approval? Your prompt response is appreciated. Thanks, Mittry Mor

23 Where can I find the forms to fill out my rebate request? I just bought an energy efficient clothes washing mashine at Best Buy with a note indicating about your rebates. Thank you.

24 I purchased a high efficiency washer and was told that the Department of Public Works offers discounts to its customers that purchase such appliances. Could you provide me more information about this program and what I can do to participate and get the discounts?

25 Hi Sir, I've got a project from City of Inglewood and I was wondering if you have title sheet with all notes that you need for grading plan in your website or not? thanks

26 I live in Lancaster. What are the hours I can water my lawn?

27 What is a Transportation (Moving) Permit?

28 How do I apply for a Transportation (Moving) Permit?

29 What is a Service Cut Permit?

30 Who can I contact in regards to the Public Records Request I sent in to Public Works?

31 How are the hazardous and electronic waste (HHW/E-Waste) collected at the County's HHW/E-waste collection events being disposed of?

32 Are there building codes (within Antelope Valley) against homes built from shipping containers? I have been researching this as a way to construct a home from these containers while using solar and/or wind power. I know that there is a company building these in San Fernando Valley but wondered where to start looking for the Antelope Valley for regulations and how "green" a house is allowed.

33 I searched for updated Los Andges County Building Code on your website but its not published on-line. Where can I get a copy, or what website I can get the new LAC building code? Thank you.

34 Is it possible to have a drop-box on the street corner for people to drop off their household hazardous materials (HHW)?

35 Where can I find a resource for public citizens to "green" the County?

36 Good morning, We have forwarded your inquiry to the Department of Public Works that disseminates the form that you are requesting. You may contact their unit directly at or (626) 458-5100. Assessor Helpdesk GC -----Original Message----- From: [] Sent: Wednesday, December 22, 2010 9:09 AM To: L.A. County - Office of The Assessor Subject: Public Inquiry Form Name: Pineda, Carlito Business Name: Foresight Engineering, Inc. Address: 17621 Irvine Blvd Suite 210 Tustin, CA 92780 Email: Phone: 714-542-1214 Comments: We need pdf of form titled "BOND ESTIMATE DECLARATION", please email us a copy. This form is not available online on your website. We appreciate your kind assistance. Sincerely, Carlito A. Pineda

37 How can one organize an electronic waste (E-waste) collection event?

38 Is my property in the anticipated flood zone?

39 How do I report a violation (construction without a permit)?

40 How long is a Building application plan check good for?

41 How big and how high can I build my house or room addition?

42 I've been told that I don't need permits for buildings that are 120 sq. ft. or less. Is that true?

43 Where can I find the original plans for my house?

44 What are permit fees based on?

45 How can I obtain a copy of the codes?

46 How long is a permit good for?

47 How can I obtain the information on the process to bid on projects?

48 Where can a small business dispose of small amounts of hazardous waste?

49 Can you provide me with the Street lighting installation guidelines and procedures for the LA county?

50 Does a 96 square foot playhouse with a projected square foot area of 120 square feet require a permit? How large can it be? (Unincorporated LA County) Thank You

51 How much does the County Charge to install a new street light?

52 Does the Antelope Valley Environmental Collection Center (AVECC) take old tires?

53 Is there a limit on how many cans of paint can be disposed of at one time during your collection periods?


55 What's the city or county policy of private persons soliciting curbsite address number painting for a residence? Lately, there has been an increase of persons walking up to our front door and insisting that we pay them a certain amount of money to paint our address. Today, someone actually did it without our permission and then demanded payment. Thank you.

56 I don't understand how banding works. Shouldn't those with the highest score be appointed or promoted to a position?

57 Should a broken lcd monitor and a broken shredder be taken to a HHW/E-Waste collection site or event?

58 Where can I dispose of an old bar-b-que propane tank?

59 Where in Antelope Valley can one dispose of household hazardous waste, such as carburetor cleaning solvent? What type of disposal container would be acceptable for the solvent? Thank you.

60 How do you properly dispose of fluorescent light bulbs? Do those get collected at the household waste collection events?

61 I just visited a CleanLA drop off site and was quite impressed! The speed at which my car was unloaded, the coordination between all the workers, the friendliness......simply AMAZING! With a service like that, why on earth would people dump these things into the trash or down the drain. I'll be spreading the news for sure. Ajay

62 How do I sign up to receive an electronic notification via e-mail when a Household Hazardous Waste/Electronic-Waste Collection event is scheduled near my area?

63 Hi, I would like info on the tax deed auctions? on actual homes? Mat

64 How can we keep gophers away from our vegetable garden?

65 How should residents properly dispose of old, expired or unused non-controlled prescription or over-the-counter medications and drugs (pharmaceutical waste)?

66 How to dispose of old water coolers, refrigerators, and air conditioners.

67 I would like to open a recycling company. How do I start and what permits do I need?

68 Where can I take paint for recycling in LA County?

69 How do I properly dispose of home-generated sharps waste, such as medical needles, syringes, lancets and test strips?

70 What happens to the computers and electronic waste (E-waste) that are collected at the County's HHW/E-Waste collection events? Should there be any worry about identity theft and personal information getting out from the old computers?

71 How to obtain a permit for a Hazardous Waste and/or an Electronic Waste recycling business.

72 I need a Bond Estimate Declaration. can you please help me?

73 How can one dispose of an old lawn mower, or, more preferably, recycle.

74 How do you properly and safely dispose of home-generated sharps waste such as medical needles, syringes, and lancets in Los Angeles County?

75 At the events for collecting household hazardous wastes, is there a limit to the amount of material one can drop off?

76 I received an invoice from Los Angeles County Public Works and don't know what it is for. How can I find out why I was billed?

77 Who should I report malfunctioning traffic signal problems to?

78 How do I obtain a copy of the County of Los Angeles Building Code and Electrical Code?

79 How do I obtain a copy of the County of Los Angeles Plumbing Code and Mechanical Code?

80 I would like to subdivide my property into two or three flag lots. How do I got about doing this and how long does a subdivision generally take to complete.

81 How does one report a downed stop sign?

82 I would like to know whether there are plans to build a freeway noise wall along the 170 freeway.

83 How would I obtain your biennial report?

84 To whom do I report illegal dumping?

85 Does Los Angeles County promote Ride Share Week?

86 How can a County agency recycle paper?

87 Where are your Permit Offices and what hours are they open?

88 What is an Excavation Permit?

89 What is the status of my storm drain permit application?

90 Where can I recycle used motor oil?

91 I live in (or my business is located in) a city and not a County unincorporated area. Where can I get information on recycling services available to me?

92 I live (or have a business) in the City of Los Angeles and I have questions about trash collection or recycling. Where can I find answers?

93 What is E-Waste and how can I recycle it?

94 What is a BMP?

95 What form of proof do I need with a disability and are bicycles allowed on buses?

96 What are the project's key attributes?

97 Where can we get/make sandbags?

98 I am a graduate student at the University of Southern California studying transportation engineering. I am doing a final project for one of my classes in which we are redesigning an intersection which includes a nearby bus stop. For our design, we would like to show the option of adding a bench for the bus stop. Could you tell me how much a bus bench costs? I understand that sometimes you can install advertising bus benches at no cost to the county. What qualifies for these types of benches (i.e. are there only certain areas that advertisers are interested in)? We also are interested in planting one to three trees for our design. Can you provide any information on the cost of planting and maintaining different trees? Thank you.

99 Where can I pick up a set of bid documents?

100 What are some of the issues of debris basins?

101 Who can I contact if I do not know my Customer Number/Address ID or if I have an invalid Customer Number/Address ID for the Invoice Payment Status Inquiry screen?

102 i would like information on replacing centerline monuments in the city of Azusa, we will be doing topo and resurfacing on Foothill Blvd. some monuments may be destroyed, what type of monument do we replace these with, do you have a Standard for this. if so please provide me with a path to it, also do you have a path to you mapping, record of survey, parcel map, tract map standards.

103 How will I be notified if a forecasted rain event could potentially flood my area?

104 How can I find a Flood Map for this particular site? I know there is one I can access online but I don't know where to look. The APN number for this site is 8170-030-013 & 014.

105 How do I go about registering as a vendor for procurement?

106 Is it possible to place a staff directory on the Internet?

107 What are the requirements for inspecting epoxy injection on a county facility?

108 Do you have guidelines for watering? Please help us figure out how to water our lawn efficiently.

109 To Whom It May Concern: We are filling out an "Application For Industrial Waste Disposal Permit" and would like to know what is Federal SIC No. Thank you for your help.

110 What is the formula that the county uses for slope analysis? ie.. to determine the percent of slope on my lot.

111 Where can I access the updated Prevailing Wage rates?

112 How can my neighborhood participate in the NTMP?

113 My neighborhood meets the criteria for the NTMP program, how do I request this program?

114 What types of paper can be recycled?

115 What are the permit fees based on?

116 Does the County have anyone that goes to different schools to speak on environmental issues?

117 Where can I get information about recycling for my business?

118 How can I dispose of some used tires?

119 What can I recycle at home?

120 I am a gardener hobbyist and I want to learn how to enjoy my hobby in an environmentally safe way. Do you have any resources that can help?

121 How do I safely get rid of used hypodermic needles (also known as "sharps") and other small amounts of personal medical waste generated in my home?

122 Who can I call to request the pick up of a dead animal?

123 My recycling bin is not large enough to hold all of my recyclables. What should I do?

124 Where can I get a list of scrap tire haulers for Los Angeles and other counties in CA?

125 How do pollutants get into surface and ground water?

126 Where is the drain located, and which communities will be impacted during project construction?

127 What is a reservoir?

128 What types of materials other than paper can County departments recycle?

129 How can we get hooked up to the sewer system? We have approx 25 homes not currently connected and experiencing major septic problems.

130 Where to find the application form for Tract and Parcel Map number on line?

131 I am working on an approved Tentative Tact Map. Is the Final Tract Map number going to be the same as the Tentative Tract Map number. Or, one have to apply for a different Final Tract Map number for filing of the Final Map with the Los Angeles County.

132 The street light in front of my house is out. I live in the City of Los Angeles. Who do I contact to get it fixed?

133 Does the County now have the latest "Standard types of subdivision Certificates and acknowledgements" available on the internet?

134 What is a letter of Non-Objection??

135 Would it be possible to cross reference Tract map numbers with book and page, i.e. look up Tract maps by map number instead of by book and page? Thank you

136 What is the fee for Final Map processing? Do your Filing Fees include the permit fee? If not, where can I find information on the permit fees? Thank you.

137 I need to acquire a copy of the county's hillside ordinance for a single-family residential project in Los Angeles county.

138 We submitted a tentative tract map to the City of Los Angeles Building and Zoning agency but were told we first have to obtain a property Tract number from you. Which office do we go to and what are the requirements to obtain such a number?

139 Is there a timeframe for putting away trash cans? My neighbors have left trash/recycle bins, with trash in both, out for 2 weeks.

140 The City of Culver City is revising the Subdivision chapter of our Land Usage Municipal Code. I've been told that the County has such a chapter that is quite admirable. May I obtain a copy of it?

141 Where can I find a list of job openings in your department?

142 I am going through the plan check process and I have been asked to fill out a Highway Referral Form 48-0040-DPW. What is it, who does it go to, and where do I get or download it?

143 How does one get a copy of a final tract map?

144 What are the procedures for renewing contracts with Public Works? Where can I receive information related to my current contract with Public Works?

145 How do I access a website that provides the insurance forms; CA 00 01 and CG 00 01.

146 What are the forms or requirements to close an industrial wastewater treatment system?

147 Where can I locate the county standards for installation of a sanitary sewer and a lift pump to the county sewer line.

148 How can I send a letter to your Director?

149 Do "Water Standby" direct assessments apply to developed as well as undeveloped properties?

150 How can I obtain information regarding industrial waste/underground storage tank permitting?

151 What information should I bring to the public counter in order to obtain industrial waste clearance?

152 I noticed strangers going through my recycling bin. What should I do?

153 How do I arrange for large trash items to be picked up from my home?

154 Does the County of Los Angeles require a minimum setback distance from the trace of an active fault for development of a single family residence in an unincorporated area? Or does the County rely on the setback established by the State?

155 Doesn't urban runoff get treated in the same way as sewage?

156 Which public agencies are involved?

157 We are developing a 5 lot subdivision in Canoga Park. One of the conditions of this development requires coordination with LA County DPW with regards to any discharge into Browns Creek Channel. Please let me know the proper contact person and information that would be able to help clear this condition with LA City. Thank you,

158 If a property-owner in wanted to sell off/sub-divide a part of the lot on which his/her own house stands, what procedures would have to be followed?

159 What are some of the issues with reservoirs?

160 Do I need a permit to park a trash container in the street?

161 Would you let me know where can I find a Tax Bond Form and information as to where to process. I already have the tax bond amount. Thank you


163 I am new in town and would like to know how to get a copy of your latest design standards. Also, where would I find manhole spacing requirements for storm drain and sewer based on mainline pipe diameter??

164 Hello I am a surveyor from out of county and am trying to do some research on a parcel. I need Tract Map no. 23145 recorded in Map Book 631-90-92. Is there somewhere online where I can retrieve recorded maps in Los Angeles County? If not who do I call or e-mail to request a copy of the plat. Thank You. John

165 Can you please email me the documents/forms necessary to fill out regarding splitting this residential lot into to separate parcels. There are currently two existing houses on this lot and my client would like me to gather all the forms she needs to fill out in order to get this procedure moving forward.


167 I live in the unincorporated part of Covina. This area is considered a high-fire area. I have about 7 neighbors that clearly do not maintain their weeds and dead brush. Who do I contact to report this?

168 Where can I take VHS tapes to be disposed of correctly?

169 The railroad tracks running through our area have been taken over by homeowners, extending fences onto the areas near the tracks. The area I am referring to is one of the bigger eyesores in our town. Decaying plywood, trash, and all kinds of odd building materials and the taggers love the place. Can anyone force these people to clean this up? How about the railroad? Do they have any interest in getting people off their land does my local government Rep care? where do I start?

170 I live in Glendora in an area located in the LA County, not Glendora City, jurisdiction. I am doing some long-term planning for some landscaping plans ideas my family is exploring. I need to discuss setbacks or any other guidelines we should be aware of. Who should I discuss this with? Or is there an online resource I can reference? Thanks in advance for your efforts and input!

171 Subject: Standard title sheet Where can I find a standard title sheet for a project in the County of Los Angeles? That would include for example General Notes, and where they are to be located on a title sheet. This request is for a Pedestrian Bridge project.

172 Please tell me what department I call to find out if a vacant lot zoned residential in Los Angeles county is buildable. And the phone number please.

173 How can I reduce my flood insurance cost?

174 Where can I see--or acquire--a parcel map (Subdivision) in order to check notations, easements, &c. LACO local Office in Calabasas? Alhambra?

175 We are preparing a final parcel map in the City of Arcadia. Does the County do the plan checking? If so, what are the fees and do you have an application for filing the map?

176 Who do I contact to get a copy of a lot split that is occurring in the unincorporated area of Los Angeles County?


178 I am preparing a tentative map in the Temple City and wanted to get the County standards for private driveway with cul-de-sac. I downloaded the private drive-local cul-de-sac w/parallel parking and the private drive local from your website. What I am looking for are the design standards for the cul-de-sac (ie. min. radius).

179 What is the minimum text height for a Public Works Street Plan?

180 I need to pull a parcel map # for a site in alhambra. The owner wants me to map all of his property. One piece of his property lies across the street from the larger piece. Can I use the same map # for subdividing all of his property on both sides of the street? How do I apply for a subdivision # ?

181 I received a list of required fees and materials for separate document submittals in regards to a proposed easement for sewer purposes and was curious as to where I may find two of the documents; full sized copies of any recorded maps, as well as recorded easement documents. Any references would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

182 what is the procedure in LAC for merging and resubdividing a final map as per section 66499.20 1/2 of the map act? what is the procedure in LAC for reversion to acreage for a final map as per sections 66499.11 et seq of the map act? please provide any applicable local ordinance requirements thank you

183 I am currently looking into a piece of land apn#2063-007-021 Tract 29277 Lot 1 and want to know if the land can be subdivided into 3 parcels and how to go about it if possible.

184 My husband and I are co-owners of a piece of land in Lancaster, LA County. Actually we have a total of 4 families owing the land. Now we decided to divide the land into 4 parcels so we can each own individual property. Please advise what forms we need to use to apply for the land division. Also, please advise, how much does it cost for the division? Hope I can hear from asap. Tracy Wang

185 How can I obtain parcels (polygons preferable) and street centerlines (with address ranges) in ESRI shapefile format? I am interested in the entire county, not just the city and zip entered above. I have been unable to find any resources other than the GIS data viewer. It is helpful to an extent, but having the actual data to display in our GIS would be much better. Thanks David Wisbey NSD Maps A division of Datamap Intelligence, LLC

186 Where is a landfill where I can drop off a pick up truck load of trash?

187 When is the next household hazardous waste (HHW) and e-waste collection event for our area?

188 Where can I dispose of car batteries?

189 How can i get a list of the unincorporated communities of Los Angeles County?

190 How do I get a permit to film or photograph in the road right-of-way or on county property?

191 When do I need a permit for working in the road?

192 What is the turn-around time for processing storm drain permit connection applications?

193 What is "Point Source" Pollution?

194 When did construction start, and when is it scheduled to be finished?

195 Where is the sediment and debris removed from debris basins and reservoirs taken?

196 Can I bypass the securtiy desk when submitting a bid?

197 Can I bypass the securtiy desk when submitting a bid?

198 What hydraulic program does the County use and how do I get it?

199 Can the County levy a special tax for the County Flood Control District? If so, who approves the levy?

200 How do I find current information about current and future commercial and residential construction planning/progress? Thanks -