Welcome to the Los Angeles County webpage for information and updates on the proposed Garbage Disposal Districts for the North County areas of Acton/Agua Dulce and the unincorporated Antelope Valley.

New Trash Collection System For Your Community

Los Angeles County Public Works is proposing to transition unincorporated north County communities from an open market system to a permanent and sustainable trash collection system and recommends establishing four Garbage Disposal Districts (GDD) in the area. In a GDD, the waste collection fees are added on the annual property tax bill where the County pays the waste hauler to provide service.

GDDs would best serve the complex geographical areas in the north County, address concerns received from residents regarding their current trash system and establish a trash collection system that will improve the quality of life for residents by providing services such as bulky item collection and help provide dedicated funding to address illegal dumping.

Los Angeles County is actively seeking feedback from unincorporated north County residents on their solid waste and recycling needs. If you have feedback you would like to share, please e-mail us at Public Works continues to work with local town councils and communities throughout the north County to provide the latest information and receive valuable feedback from residents on the proposed GDDs.

Update August 2022

Public Works is proposing the formation and operation of four new GDDs for the unincorporated County communities of Acton/Agua Dulce, Quartz Hill, western Antelope Valley, and eastern Antelope Valley. Forming and implementing GDDs will ensure each property has waste collection services including mandatory organic waste collection, bulky item collection, and provide dedicated funding to help combat illegal dumping.

Public Works is the lead agency for the formation of the four GDDs in the unincorporated areas of north Los Angeles County. In response to the comments Public Works received during public review of the California Environmental Quality Act documents that were posted in February and June 2022, Public Works is now preparing an Environmental Impact Report (EIR). We anticipate having a draft EIR posted for public review in early 2023. During the public review period, Public Works will attend community meetings to answer questions and receive feedback from residents to help establish the new solid waste collection system that will address the unique needs of the residents of north Los Angeles County. Once the EIR is certified by the Board of Supervisors, Public Works will proceed with seeking bids from waste haulers. The Local Agency Formation Commission will tentatively host public hearings and protest hearings in early 2024 as required when forming new districts. Because this new waste collection service results in fees to property owners, protest hearings will be scheduled in spring 2024 to provide an opportunity for property owners to voice their support for or against the proposed fees. If no majority protests exist, Public Works will move forward with the election process in late 2024. We anticipate that service will begin in July 2025.