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tires fill lot In April 2003, the County of Los Angeles and the Cities of Lancaster and Palmdale conducted their annual waste tire collection event in five locations in the Antelope Valley. The event collected over 18,000 passenger tire equivalents - a 70 percent increase from the previous year! The Waste Tire Collection Event was one of several events conducted during the 2003 Antelope Valley Environmental Pride Week. Other events included a household hazardous waste and e-waste collection, a Smart Gardening workshop, and neighborhood trash clean-ups.

kids roll-in tire The County and the Cities of Lancaster and Palmdale continue to reduce the amount of waste tires that are illegally dumped or disposed in landfills by providing this free service to all Los Angeles County residents. Residents were very grateful to get rid of their used and abandoned tires from their property and local community.
The California Integrated Waste Management Board provided a grant that partially funded the April tire collection event to provide outreach, operate the five collection sites, and provide hauling services to take the collected tires to a recycler.

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