The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works partnered with Sears Auto Center to conduct the County's first waste tire collection day on November 13, 1999. The event was held at the Del Amo Mall in the City of Torrance, providing residents the opportunity to recycle their waste tires free of charge. Residents drove into the collection area and had their waste tires unloaded from their vehicles and into transportation trailers by County and Sears volunteers. To show appreciation for their participation, the City of Torrance distributed used oil containers to the participants to make recycling of motor oil in designated facilities more convenient for residents. Educational brochures outlining proper waste tire management practices were also circulated. The event collected more than 500 waste tires. These tires would have otherwise been disposed in our landfills, or worse, illegally dumped in vacant lots throughout the County, propagating the problems associated with illegal dumping.
Unloading Tires Carting them away
At the event, County residents were surveyed to determine the source of waste tires and effectiveness of event outreach while County personnel and volunteers loaded the waste tires into the trailers for recycling.
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