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Other articles: Altered Oceans, Pre-2008

September 2013

Redwood City ready to ban plastic bags  |   [PDF, 21KB]Printer-friendly

Plastic bag ban starts to roll across region  |   [PDF, 10KB]Printer-friendly

Arcata City Council passes plastic bag ban  |   [PDF, 57KB]Printer-friendly

August 2013

Rare sea turtles eating plastic at record rate  |   [PDF, 115KB]Printer-friendly

WeHo Plastic Bag Ban Goes Into Effect For All Retailers Soon  |   [PDF, 41KB]Printer-friendly

July 2013

Plastic bag ban takes effect in Glendale  |   [PDF, 8KB]Printer-friendly

Plastic bag era comes to an end in Palo Alto  |   [PDF, 1KB]Printer-friendly

June 2013

Plastic Bag Ban Finally Coming to Los Altos, Polystyrene Ban Could Be Too  |   [PDF, 56KB]Printer-friendly

Culver City Plastic Bag Ban Now in Effect  |   [PDF, 117KB]Printer-friendly

L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa signs plastic bag ban, finishes term with a flourish   |   [PDF, 9KB]Printer-friendly

Los Angeles to become largest city in U.S. to ban plastic bags   |   [PDF, 8KB]Printer-friendly

Help make Kohima a plastic bag free city  |   [PDF, 49KB]Printer-friendly

California’s Waste Bills: Plastic Defeated (For Now); Mattress Passed; Bottles To Senate   |   [PDF, 56KB]Printer-friendly

Ban is finally in the bag   |   [PDF, 113KB]Printer-friendly

May 2013

Is It Time to Bag the Plastic?   |   [PDF, 100KB]Printer-friendly

Supervisors Support Statewide Plastic Bag Ban   |   [PDF, 45KB]Printer-friendly

April 2013

Plastic Bag Ban Takes Effect in Much of San Mateo County   |   [PDF, 37KB]Printer-friendly

If England refuses to bring in a plastic bag tax why can't London take the lead?   |   [PDF, 27KB]Printer-friendly

City’s Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags Now in Place   |   [PDF, 44KB]Printer-friendly

March 2013

Bag Ban Drives Up Bin Liner Sales   |   [PDF, 33KB]Printer-friendly

City Council Makes Plastic Bag Ban Official   |   [PDF, 25KB]Printer-friendly

Plastic Bags to Go the Way of the Dinosaurs in Larchmont   |   [PDF, 40KB]Printer-friendly

Los Altos Plastic Bag Ban Set For July 4   |   [PDF, 8KB]Printer-friendly

February 2013

San Carlos becomes latest Peninsula city to ban plastic carryout bags   |   [PDF, 8KB]Printer-friendly

HMB bans plastic bags, rules to take effect in April   |   [PDF, 25KB]Printer-friendly

Plastic Bag Ban To Go Into Effect In WeHo  |   [PDF, 88KB]Printer-friendly

January 2013

Council is United Against Plastic   |   [PDF, 12KB]Printer-friendly

It's BYOB in Belmont (Bring Your Own Bag)   |   [PDF, 18KB]Printer-friendly

Could 2013 spell the end for plastic bags?  |   [PDF, 32KB]Printer-friendly

Plastic Bag Ban Takes Effect in Laguna Beach   |   [PDF, 69KB]Printer-friendly

December 2012

Culver City to Pursue Regulation Banning Plastic Bags   |   [PDF, 40KB]Printer-friendly

November 2012


October 2012

Supes Greenlight Countywide Plastic Bag Ban Model   |   [PDF, 17KB]Printer-friendly

Toronto Plastic Bag Ban Upheld   |   [PDF, 12KB]Printer-friendly

Barrington Approves Plastic Bag Ban   |   [PDF, 9KB]Printer-friendly

Judge Denies Challenge to San Luis Obispo County Bag Ban   |   [PDF, 64KB]Printer-friendly

Haiti Imposes Ban on Plastic Bags   |   [PDF, 80KB]Printer-friendly

September 2012

Plastic Bag Ban Starts Monday   |   [PDF, 71KB]Printer-friendly

August 2012

Homer City Council Votes to Ban Most Plastic Shopping Bags   |   [PDF, 68KB]Printer-friendly

July 2012


June 2012

Pasadena goes paper (or reusable): Plastic bag ban begins Sunday   |   [PDF, 82KB]Printer-friendly

Australian states seek federal ban on plastic bags   |   [PDF, 23KB]Printer-friendly

Plastic bag ban redux: Restrictions on single-use bags gain committee approval   |   [PDF, 4KB]Printer-friendly

Issaquah Council Approves Plastic Bag Ban   |   [PDF, 350KB]Printer-friendly

May 2012

L.A. City Council Approves Plastic Bags Ban, 10-Cent Fee for Paper Bags   |   [PDF, 615KB]Printer-friendly

LA Council moves to ban plastic grocery bags   |   [PDF, 50KB]Printer-friendly

Fort Bragg, Calif., bans plastic bags   |  [PDF, 21KB]Printer-friendly

Plastic Bags Banned on All Hawaiian Islands   |  [PDF, 51KB]Printer-friendly

April 2012

Plastic bag ban in high-desert discount grocery store  |  [PDF, 3KB]Printer-friendly

Watsonville bags plastic carryalls: City joins county in new retail rules   |  [PDF, 3KB]Printer-friendly

SeaWorld theme parks to get rid of plastic shopping bags  |  [PDF, 18KB]Printer-friendly

Ojai, Calif., passes plastic bag ban   |  [PDF, 16KB]Printer-friendly

Bainbridge bans plastic bags  |  [PDF, 19KB]Printer-friendly

Ojai gives final approval to ban on plastic shopping bags  |  [PDF, 17KB]Printer-friendly

L.A. may jump aboard plastic bag ban wagon  |  [PDF, 70KB]Printer-friendly

Mountain towns banning plastic bags at grocery stores  |  [PDF, 95KB]Printer-friendly

March 2012

Bag ban going strong  |  [PDF, 62KB]Printer-friendly

Few Complain to City about Bag Ban   |  [PDF, 42KB]Printer-friendly

Carpinteria Bans Single-Use Plastic Bags Across the Board  |  [PDF, 66KB]Printer-friendly

All Cities In On County-Wide Plastic Bag Ban   |  [PDF, 326KB]Printer-friendly

Dana Point Passes a Plastic Bag Ban  |  [PDF, 6KB]Printer-friendly

Austin Passes Bag Ban  |  [PDF, 426KB]Printer-friendly

February 2012

Belmont to Join County in Banning the Bag   |  [PDF, 35KB]Printer-friendly

January 2012

Alameda County plastic bag ban begins next year   |  [PDF, 61KB]Printer-friendly

Big Island of Hawai’i Latest to Ban Plastic Bags   |  [PDF, 55KB]Printer-friendly

Petition to force vote on Seattle's plastic-bag ban crumples   |  [PDF, 61KB]Printer-friendly

Board votes yes to plastic bag ban in San Luis Obispo County   |  [PDF, 9KB]Printer-friendly

December 2011

Plastic bag ban extends to smaller stores  |  [PDF, 15KB]Printer-friendly

Buyers, Beware: County's Plastic Bag Ban Expands to Small Stores Next Month  |  [PDF, 104KB]Printer-friendly

November 2011

San Francisco Delays Decision on Expanding Plastic Bag Ban  |  [PDF, 24KB]Printer-friendly

October 2011

Carbondale board bans the bag  |  [PDF, 27KB]Printer-friendly

Plastic bag ban: Portland stores and customers prepare for tomorrow's switch to paper sacks at checkout  |  [PDF, 45KB]Printer-friendly

Carpinteria Council Adopts Citywide Ban on Single-Use Shopping Bags  |  [PDF, 128KB]Printer-friendly

September 2011

Judge OKs Marin's plastic bag ban  |  [PDF, 44KB]Printer-friendly

Santa Cruz County bans plastic bags, imposes fee on paper bags  |  [PDF, 10KB]Printer-friendly

August 2011

Are Paper Bags Really That Much Better Than Plastic?  |  [PDF, 29KB]Printer-friendly

Plastic Bags Banned, East Hampton Village follows Southampton's lead  |  [PDF, 83KB]Printer-friendly

July 2011

Plastic bag ban begins today in LB  |  [PDF, 5KB]Printer-friendly

CA high court OKs Manhattan Beach plastic bag ban  |  [PDF, 16KB]Printer-friendly

City Council approves plastic shopping bag ban  |  [PDF, 18KB]Printer-friendly

Los Angeles County Plastic Bag Ban Effective July 1st  |  [PDF, 25KB]Printer-friendly

Plastic-bag ban begins in unincorporated Los Angeles County  |  [PDF, 39KB]Printer-friendly

June 2011

Calabasas Grocers Prepare for Plastic Bag Ban  |  [PDF, 118KB]Printer-friendly

Outside The City? No Single-Use Plastic Bags For You After Friday  |  [PDF, 38KB]Printer-friendly

Get Free, Reusable Bags in Lieu of Plastic Ones  |  [PDF, 29KB]Printer-friendly

Ban on plastic grocery bags takes effect July 1 in unincorporated L.A. County  |  [PDF, 107KB]Printer-friendly

Getting Ready for the July 1 Plastic Bag Ban   |  [PDF, 28KB]Printer-friendly

Looming county bag ban pushes shoppers to reusable totes  |  [PDF, 5KB]Printer-friendly

From the Heartland: Freedom Bags  |  [PDF, 38KB]Printer-friendly

May 2011

UPDATE: Council Approves Plastic Bag Ban  |  [PDF, 139KB]Printer-friendly

Maryland county passes tax on plastic and paper bags  |  [PDF, 12KB]Printer-friendly

April 2011

Southampton Village bans plastic bags  |  [PDF, 15KB]Printer-friendly

Santa Clara County supervisors ban plastic bags  |  [PDF, 5KB]Printer-friendly

SeaWorld Bags cans plastic bags at theme park  |  [PDF, 38KB]Printer-friendly

Spring Cleaning: Albertsons moves to eliminate plastic, paper bags  |  [PDF, 15KB]Printer-friendly

March 2011

Battle of the (bag) bans   |  [PDF, 32KB]Printer-friendly

Plastic Shopping Bag Ban Begins in Santa Monica   |  [PDF, 28KB]Printer-friendly

February 2011

'Bag It!' Hits Home on 'Throwaway' Lifestyle   |  [PDF, 67KB]Printer-friendly

What's in store, Fresh & Easy locations get EPA certification   |  [PDF, 9KB]Printer-friendly

Maui's Plastic Bag Ban Working to Clean Up the Beaches  |  [PDF, 65KB]Printer-friendly

Plastic Bags Sacked in Calabasas  |  [PDF, 178KB]Printer-friendly

January 2011

Businesses on Board With Proposed Plastic Bag Ban  |  [PDF, 14KB]Printer-friendly

Bulgaria Joins Growing Fight Against Plastic Bags   |  [PDF, 166KB]Printer-friendly

City of Brownsville Prepares for Plastic Bag Ban Wednesday   |  [PDF, 59KB]Printer-friendly

December 2010

A Day Without a Bag Discourages Disposables   |  [PDF, 36KB]Printer-friendly

In Malibu Few People Miss Those Plastic Bags   |  [PDF, 76KB]Printer-friendly

November 2010


L.A. County passes sweeping ban on plastic bags  |  [PDF, 82KB]Printer-friendly

Wow: China's Free Bag Ban Reduced Consumption by 50 Percent   |  [PDF, 72KB]Printer-friendly

L.A. County Board of Supervisors to Consider Plastic Bag Ban   |  [PDF, 2,158KB]Printer-friendly

October 2010

Another U.S. City Bans Plastic Shopping Bags   |  [PDF, 167KB]Printer-friendly

Tumbulgum Ban Plastic Bags   |  [PDF, 60KB]Printer-friendly

September 2010

Fresh & Easy Promotes Reusable Bags Over Plastic, Paper   |  [PDF, 16KB]Printer-friendly

Garza: Plastic bags are never truly free   |  [PDF, 30KB]Printer-friendly

American Samoa Law to Ban Plastic Bags Next Year  |  [PDF, 14KB]Printer-friendly

August 2010

County Report Supports Ordinances Banning Plastic Bags  |  [PDF, 177KB]Printer-friendly

San Francisco Might Expand Plastic-Bag Ban  |  [PDF, 11KB]Printer-friendly

July 2010

Environmental Group Moves to Ban Plastic Bags   |  [PDF, 176KB]Printer-friendly

Plastic Bag Ban Moves on to Senate Committee   |  [PDF, 298KB]Printer-friendly

June 2010

Two Months Until Edmonds Bag Ban: City Touts ‘Bring Your Own’ Winners   |  [PDF, 61KB]Printer-friendly

Banning Plastic Grocery Bags   |  [PDF, 69KB]Printer-friendly

Half of UAE’s Falaj Mualla Camels Choked on Plastic Bags   |  [PDF, 1,775KB]Printer-friendly

A Ban On Plastic Bags Will Benefit Us All  |  [PDF, 22KB]Printer-friendly

Tim Grobaty: Bagging Greener Habits as Plastic Bows Out   |  [PDF, 150KB]Printer-friendly

Ban Plastic Bags in California? It’s Not so Hard to Adjust   |  [PDF, 62KB]Printer-friendly

And They Said It Wouldn’t Catch On  |  [PDF, 25KB]Printer-friendly

Calif. Moves To Ban Plastic Bags At Grocery Stores  |  [PDF, 2,420KB]Printer-friendly

May 2010

California poised to ban plastic bags  |  [PDF, 90KB]Printer-friendly

April 2010

Plastic Bag Ban Becomes Part of Westport Culture   |  [PDF, 37KB]Printer-friendly

Plastic, Golf Ball, Gloves, Towels Found in Dead Whale   |  [PDF, 22KB]Printer-friendly

Paper or Plastic or Neither   |  [PDF, 12KB]Printer-friendly

Santa Cruz County Greenlights Plastic Bag Ban   |  [PDF, 24KB]Printer-friendly

Santa Clara County Supervisors Vote to Ban Plastic and Paper Bags   |  [PDF, 33KB]Printer-friendly

March 2010

Plastic Grocery Bag, Foam Container Bans Could be Coming to Central County   |  [PDF, 181KB]Printer-friendly

Report may encourage Calif. cities to ban plastic bags, place fees on others   |  [PDF, 24KB]Printer-friendly

February 2010


January 2010

Coast Shoppers Express Feelings Over Plastic   |  [PDF, 47KB]Printer-friendly

Oakland Farmers Markets Ban Plastic Bags   |  [PDF, 592KB]Printer-friendly

Big-Box Bag Ban: Three-Month Experiment Prepares Customers to Bring Their Own Bags   |  [PDF, 13KB]Printer-friendly

State Mulls Ban on Import of Plastic Bags   |  [PDF, 68KB]Printer-friendly

Brownsville Passes Plastic Bag Ban   |  [PDF, 24KB]Printer-friendly

December 2009

A Day Without a Bag seeks to reduce 6 billion plastic bags use in L.A. each year   |  [PDF, 134KB]Printer-friendly

Bag Ban Approved for 2010   |  [PDF, 38KB]Printer-friendly

Japan to Help Myanmar Produce Energy From Plastic Waste   |  [PDF, 94KB]Printer-friendly

November 2009

L.A. County Starts ‘Brag About Your Bag’ Campaign   |  [PDF, 15KB]Printer-friendly

PNG Bans Plastic Bag Imports   |  [PDF, 45KB]Printer-friendly

“Britain Should Introduce a Plastax," Says Holland & Barrett CEO   |  [PDF, 26KB]Printer-friendly

Nine of 10 Shoppers Respond to Single-Use Bag Ban   |  [PDF, 16KB]Printer-friendly

October 2009

Target, CVS put plastic bags in the bull's-eye, pay for reusables   |  [PDF, 17KB]Printer-friendly

Report Calls for Bag Ban - Paper and Plastic   |  [PDF, 19KB]Printer-friendly

“No Plastic Mondaysâ€� a Success   |  [PDF, 13KB]Printer-friendly

Baldwin Academy initiative encourages kids to `bag' plastic bags   |  [PDF, 58KB]Printer-friendly

September 2009

500 Plastic Shopping Bags Per Person, Per Year!!!   |  [PDF, 23KB]Printer-friendly

San Jose's Big Bag Ban Started Small   |  [PDF, 613KB]Printer-friendly

Palo Alto Launches Reusable-Bag Campaign   |  [PDF, 58KB]Printer-friendly

Plastic Bags Found to Severely Threaten Bay   |  [PDF, 39KB]Printer-friendly

Mac Targets January For Plastic Bag Ban   |  [PDF, 39KB]Printer-friendly

Ocean City Environmentalists Want Plastic Bags Banned to Prevent Litter   |  [PDF, 18KB]Printer-friendly

Towns trial blanket ban on plastic bags   |  [PDF, 208KB]Printer-friendly

Plastic-Bag Ban Makes Reusable Fabric Bags Popular   |  [PDF, 22KB]Printer-friendly

Chesham To Take Part In National Plastic Bag Campaign   |  [PDF, 22KB]Printer-friendly

August 2009

Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch Worries Researchers   |  [PDF, 19KB]Printer-friendly

Mexico City Requires Biodegradable Plastic Bags   |  [PDF, 31KB]Printer-friendly

Study: Plastic Decomposes Quickly At Sea   |  [PDF, 23KB]Printer-friendly

Seattle Voters Reject 20-Cent Grocery Bag Fee   |  [PDF, 18KB]Printer-friendly

July 2009

‘Got Your Bags?’ Campaign Kicks Off in San Jose   |  [PDF, 17KB]Printer-friendly

Plastic bags put to good use in Dominican Republic   |  [PDF, 28KB]Printer-friendly

Bagging the fruits of plastic ban   |  [PDF, 20KB]Printer-friendly

Totes hold their own as art   |  [PDF, 22KB]Printer-friendly

End of plastic bag era means relearning some old skills   |  [PDF, 15KB]Printer-friendly

Coalition to promote reusable shopping bags   |  [PDF, 9KB]Printer-friendly

Plastic person teaches real lessons at market   |  [PDF, 15KB]Printer-friendly

Plastic bag tax leads to 85-per-cent drop in use in Hong Kong   |  [PDF, 12KB]Printer-friendly

Plastic bag project launched as charity   |  [PDF, 22KB]Printer-friendly

City’s plastic bag ordinance will help educate consumers   |  [PDF, 29KB]Printer-friendly

Paper or plastic? Both will soon cost 5 cents in D.C.   |  [PDF, 21KB]Printer-friendly

June 2009

City Council Unanimously Approves Reyes' Motion To Ban Plastic Bags in L.A. By 2010   |  [PDF, 64KB]Printer-friendly

City Council Drops Plastic-Bag Fee In Favor Of A Ban   |  [PDF, 17KB]Printer-friendly

May 2009

LA council backs 25 cents per plastic bag charge   |  [PDF, 16KB]Printer-friendly

Our View: 25 cents a bag better than a ban   |  [PDF, 14KB]Printer-friendly

April 2009

Plastic Bag Industry Invests $50m in Recycled Content Bags   |  [PDF, 16KB]Printer-friendly

Santa Clara County panel proposes banning plastic bags   |  [PDF, 34KB]Printer-friendly

US Congress to consider bag tax and bottle deposit   |  [PDF, 50KB]Printer-friendly

Palo Alto sued over plastic-bag ban   |  [PDF, 544KB]Printer-friendly

Battle of the Bags   |  [PDF, 113KB]Printer-friendly

Undeterred, Manhattan Beach looks to curb plastic   |  [PDF, 19KB]Printer-friendly

Study finds plastic 'diet' in leatherback turtles   |  [PDF, 427KB]Printer-friendly

Reducing Ocean Litter   |  [PDF, 1MB]Printer-friendly

March 2009

Palo Alto passes plastic shopping bag ban; lawsuit looms   |  [PDF, 33KB]Printer-friendly

Recreation Center works for the environment   |  [PDF, 65KB]Printer-friendly

Aquatic trash harvest nets 11.4 million objects   |  [PDF, 34KB]Printer-friendly

Assembly bills propose to reduce ocean litter   |  [PDF, 14KB]Printer-friendly

Dallas lawmaker sponsoring bill to tax plastic bags in Texas   |  [PDF, 76KB]Printer-friendly

Programa de Reduccion y Reciclaje de Las Bolsas Plasticas   |  [PDF, 1.3MB]Printer-friendly

February 2009

Many Plans to Curtail Use of Plastic Bags, but Not Much Action   |  [PDF, 20KB]Printer-friendly

Judge shelves plastic bag ban   |  [PDF, 57KB]Printer-friendly

Lawmakers to reconsider bill proposing plastic-bag charge   |  [PDF, 14KB]Printer-friendly

Plastics industry pushing against shopping bag fees in Santa Clara County   |  [PDF, 33KB]Printer-friendly

Molina launches green earth initiative   |  [PDF, 83KB]Printer-friendly

January 2009

How to ‘RE-FASHION’ Plastic Bags Into Dresses   |  [PDF, 35KB]Printer-friendly

Prison for Plastic? Indian City Initiates Harsh Penalties for Using Plastic Bags   |  [PDF, 34KB]Printer-friendly

H-E-B puts support behind plastic bag legislation   |  [PDF, 27KB]Printer-friendly

Grocer to donate part of 5-cent bag fee to charity   |  [PDF, 28KB]Printer-friendly

Single Use Bag Reduction and Recycling Program   |  [PDF, 84KB]Printer-friendly

December 2008

L.A., Heal the Bay team for ‘Day Without a Bag’   |  [PDF, 206KB]Printer-friendly

Calabasas wrapping up work on plastic bag ordinance   |  [PDF, 143KB]Printer-friendly

Coupons nudge residents to check out reusable bags   |  [PDF, 65KB]Printer-friendly

Los Gatos Town Council votes to support county shopping bag ban   |  [PDF, 78KB]Printer-friendly

Reform Isn't In the Bag   |  [PDF, 64KB]Printer-friendly

Paper or Plastic?   |  [PDF, 37KB]Printer-friendly

State panel floats ‘litter tax’ to curb debris along coast   |  [PDF, 55KB]Printer-friendly

November 2008

Significant improvements seen in recycling and reductions in plastic bag use   |  [PDF, 27KB]Printer-friendly

Arizona City Joins Plastic Bag Recycling Program   |  [PDF, 18KB]Printer-friendly

In Mayor’s Plan, the Plastic Bag Will Carry a Fee   |  [PDF, 28KB]Printer-friendly

Plastics groups line up against Palo Alto’s proposed bag ban   |  [PDF, 72KB]Printer-friendly

October 2008

City to research potential ban on plastic bags, Styrofoam   |  [PDF, 18KB]Printer-friendly

Whale's death tied to human trash   |  [PDF, 12KB]Printer-friendly

September 2008

An Inconvenient Bag   |  [PDF, 22KB]Printer-friendly

A Qualitative Study of Grocery Bag Use in San Francisco   |  [PDF, 5025KB]Printer-friendly

Volunteers needed to help cleanup beaches, creeks   |  [PDF, 28KB]Printer-friendly

Group opposing bag fees collects needed signatures   |  [PDF, 22KB]Printer-friendly

County supervisors consider banning plastic and paper bags   |  [PDF, 15KB]Printer-friendly

August 2008

Impending bag fee brings change to grocery check stands   |  [PDF, 54KB]Printer-friendly

Plastic-bag coalition sues Manhattan   |  [PDF,22KB]Printer-friendly

July 2008

Fighting the tide of plastic bags in a world awash with waste – CNN   |  [PDF, 28KB]Printer-friendly

A bag-ban experiment - Daily Breeze editorial   |  [PDF, 28KB]Printer-friendly

Slack Sack Attack – Metro Santa Cruz   |  [PDF, 46KB]Printer-friendly

June 2008

Plastic bag levy of 10c riles shoppers – Herald Sun   |  [PDF, 19KB]Printer-friendly

Region: Plastic-Bag Recycling Law Clears Assembly, Heads for Senate   |  [PDF, 20KB]Printer-friendly

MB Holds Off On Plastic Bag Ban   |  [PDF, 31KB]Printer-friendly

Lawmakers to Charge for Plastic Bag Use   |  [PDF, 22KB]Printer-friendly

May 2008

Plastic Bag Recycling Ordinance Passes Committee   |  [PDF, 13KB]Printer-friendly

Crafter gives recycling stylish twist   |  [PDF, 17KB]Printer-friendly

Malibu passes plastic bag ban   |  [PDF, 15KB]Printer-friendly

Malibu to require big stores to cease using plastic bags within 6 months   |  [PDF, 72KB]Printer-friendly

Plastic Bags Penalized in China   |  [PDF, 18KB]Printer-friendly

April 2008

Lawmaker urges 25-cent fee for plastic grocery bags   |  [PDF, 24KB]Printer-friendly

Azusa to curb bag use   |  [PDF, 21KB]Printer-friendly

The Results are in...Over 92% of IKEA Customers Bagged the Plastic Bag!   |   [PDF, 41KB] Printer-friendly

Why it's time to pull the plug on plastic bags   |  [PDF, 27KB] Printer-friendly

Twenty cents for plastic bags  |  [PDF, 46KB]Printer-friendly

Environmentalists call for strict ban on plastic bags   |  [PDF, 15KB]Printer-friendly

Council sets goal for plastic bag reductions   |  [PDF, 17KB]Printer-friendly

Town is officially a plastic bag-free zone   |  [PDF, 19KB]Printer-friendly

Seattle Mayor wants shopping-bag tax; ban on plastic-foam boxes   |  [PDF, 17KB]Printer-friendly

Need plastic bag? Pay!   |  [PDF, 18KB]Printer-friendly

Cityfront:  Bagging the plastic   |  [PDF, 96KB]Printer-friendly

Ikea's Plastic Bag Tax: Amazingly Successful  |  [PDF, 27KB]Printer-friendly

Bags a tiny fraction of sea trash   |  [PDF, 31KB]Printer-friendly

'Green monster' hits city   |  [PDF, 14KB]Printer-friendly

States Divided Over Plastic Bag Bans   |  [PDF, 14KB]Printer-friendly

Earth Day to be observed locally   |  [PDF, 16KB]Printer-friendly

Pitch plastic bags; Earth will thank us   |  [PDF, 15KB]Printer-friendly

The green revolution arrives for shopping bags   |  [PDF, 19KB]Printer-friendly

March 2008

Nassau to require retailers to recycle bags   |  [PDF, 28KB] Printer-friendly

Tide Turns Against Use of Plastic Bags   |  [PDF, 19KB]Printer-friendly

Retailers urged to take action or face levy to cut plastic   |  [PDF, 36KB]Printer-friendly

Peter Garrett embarrassed on plastic bag charge   |  [PDF, 36KB]Printer-friendly

February 2008

Santa Monica a step closer to banning plastic bags   |  [PDF, 30KB]Printer-friendly

Bring your own bags   |  [PDF, 22KB]Printer-friendly

Plastic bag ban forces closure of factory   |  [PDF, 22KB]Printer-friendly

January 2008

No plastic bag ban for Ontario   |  [PDF, 4,502KB]Printer-friendly

Altered Oceans

      Part One   |  [PDF, 47KB]Printer-friendly
      Part Two   |  [PDF, 34KB]Printer-friendly
      Part Three   |  [PDF, 38KB]Printer-friendly
      Part Four   |  [PDF, 34KB]Printer-friendly
      Part Five   |  [PDF, 31KB]Printer-friendly


Taking Aim at All Those Plastic Bags   |  [PDF, 17KB]Printer-friendly

San Francisco votes to sack plastic bags  |  [PDF, 16KB]Printer-friendly

Plastics 'poisoning world's seas'   |  [PDF, 18KB]Printer-friendly

Recycling Plastic Bags Helps Protect California's Natural Resources   |  [PDF, 43KB]Printer-friendly

Are Plastic Grocery Bags Sacking the Environment?   |  [PDF, 24KB]Printer-friendly

Irish bag tax hailed a success   |  [PDF, 16KB]Printer-friendly

Plastic Bag Pollution   |  [PDF, 26KB]Printer-friendly

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