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Los Angeles to Join Culver City and Santa Monica in Plastic Grocery Bag Ban   |  [PDF, 553KB]Printer-friendly
Westside Today on 6/28/14 published an article about the City of Los Angeles' ban on plastic grocery bags expanding to smaller grocery stores starting Tuesday, July 1st.

Portland City Council OKs bag fee, Styrofoam ban   |   [PDF, 136KB]Printer-friendly
WMTW on 6/17/14 published an article about the Portland City Council voting 6-3 in favor of a 5-cent fee on disposable shopping bags effective April 2015.

Santa Barbara plastic bag ban starts Wednesday   |   [PDF, 248KB]Printer-friendly
KCBX on 5/12/14 published an article about the City of Santa Barbara joining its neighbors in implementing a ban on single-use plastic bags.

Bag bans bring parks a holiday gift  |   [PDF, 95KB]Printer-friendly
The office of Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky on 4/24/14 published an article about the notable reduction in the littering of plastic bags at Griffith Park after the Los Angeles city's plastic bag ban took effect in January.

Beverly Hills Plastic Bag Ban Begins July 1   |   [PDF, 252KB]Printer-friendly
Westside Today on 4/23/14 published an article about Beverly Hills following suit with its neighbors and approving an ordinance to prohibit plastic carryout bags.

EU demands 80% reduction in use of plastic bags by 2019   |   [PDF, 2.2MB]Printer-friendly
Daily Mail on 4/16/14 published an article about the European Union voting in favor of strict new targets forcing each country to reduce plastic bag use by 80 percent before 2019.

Palm Springs OKs bag ban, delays food trucks   |   [PDF, 833KB]Printer-friendly
The Desert Sun on 3/19/14 published an article about the Palm Springs City Council unanimously approving an ordinance to remove single-use plastic bags from grocery stores and other shops.

Plastic Bag Ban in Punta Arenas Helps Preserve the Environment   |   [PDF, 638KB]Printer-friendly
I Love Chile News on 2/18/14 published an article about the Chilean city of Punta Arenas banning the use of plastic bags, and about other local tourist towns that have also begun phasing out plastic bags.

Mendocino County extends plastic bag ban to restaurants  |   [PDF, 105KB]Printer-friendly
Santa Rosa Press Democrat on 2/11/14 published an article about Mendocino County Supervisors voting to extend the scope of its plastic bag ban and becoming the fourth jurisdiction in the state to disallow restaurants, in addition to retail stores, from providing plastic carryout bags.

L.A.'s plastic bag ban goes into effect Jan. 1  |   [PDF, 93KB]Printer-friendly
The LA Times on 12/30/13 published an article about the prohibition of plastic bags within the City of Los Angeles in 2014. Click on the following link for more information on the City of Los Angeles' Single-Use Carryout Bag Ordinance.

Mandaluyong to implement total ban on plastic bags in 2014   |   [PDF, 109KB]Printer-friendly
Inquirer News on 12/15/13 published an article about the City of Mandaluyong prohibiting use and sale of all plastic bags—including biodegradable ones—and styrofoam packaging in 2014.

Restaurant bag ban starts Friday   |   [PDF, 77KB]Printer-friendly
Palo Alto online on 10/31/13 published an article about restaurants and food establishments no longer being able to give out single-use plastic bags.

AP Exclusive: Calif. recycling law lacks oversight   |   [PDF, 18KB]Printer-friendly
The Sacramento Bee on 10/31/13 published an article about the virtual impossibility of gauging the effectiveness of California's plastic bag recycling law.

100 billion plastic bags used annually in the US   |   [PDF, 27KB]Printer-friendly
UNRIC on 10/19/13 published an article about the 102 billion plastic bags used annually in the United States and tips to reduce plastic usage.

Olympia Becomes 10th Wash. City to Ban Plastic Bags  |   [PDF, 35KB]Printer-friendly
KPLU on 10/10/13 published an article about Olympia becoming Washington's tenth city to ban disposable plastic bags from retail stores.

Portland clamps down on all plastic bags   |   [PDF, 50KB]Printer-friendly
KOIN on 10/2/13 published an article about Portland’s single-use plastic bag ban extending to food vendors and other small businesses.

San Francisco’s Plastic Bag Ban Now Includes Restaurants   |   [PDF, 11KB]Printer-friendly
CBS SF Bay Area on 10/1/13 published an article about San Francisco’s single-use plastic bag ban extending to restaurants.

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