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Outreach Material 

Download the following brochures and flyers to promote environmental stewardship to your customers and reduce impacts of single use carryout bags.

January 1, 2012 Bag Ordinance Brochure
Bag Ordinance Brochure
[PDF, 1.8MB]
January 1, 2012 Español – Bag Ordinance Brochure
en Español
[PDF, 1.8MB]
January 1, 2012 Final Phase II Bag Bancard
Phase II Bag Ban Card
[PDF, 960KB]
January 1, 2012 Español – Bag Ordinance Brochure
en Español
[PDF, 976KB]

July 1, 2011 – English Bag Ordinance Poster
Bag Ordinance Poster
For July 2011 Affected Large Stores
[PDF, 291KB]
en Español –  [PDF, 262KB]
in Chinese –  [PDF, 361KB]

El condado de Los Angeles anima a todos a usar bolsas de compra reutilizables.

Best Management Practices 
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Printable Version of BMPs [PDF, 291KB]

Eliminate the use of single use plastic carryout bags

  • Discontinue all purchases of single use plastic carryout bags
  • Monitor use of produce bags to ensure customers are not using produce bags in lieu of single use plastic carryout bags

Stop using and distributing single-use plastic bags

Note the number of recyclable paper carryout bags provided

  • Create a register button or scan card to record the number of recyclable paper carryout bags provided to customers
  • Print the number of bags provided and total cost of paper bags on customer receipts
  • Create a database to store recorded amount of paper bags provided and amount of monies collected for providing paper bags


Train staff in promoting reusable bags and in efficient bagging techniques

  • Develop staff training materials and conduct workshops
  • Provide incentives for employees to participate in training workshops
  • Have employees wear a button with environmental messages
  • Eliminate unnecessary double-bagging and bagging of single or bulky items
  • Fill bag to capacity, placing heavy items at the bottom and fragile items on top
  • Have reusable bags ready to use at checkout stand if customers forget to bring their own bags
  • Store paper bags away on shelf at checkout stand and only use upon customer request
  • Post sign at checkout stand and at store fronts to inform customers that paper carryout bags will be provided only upon request, at a charge of 10¢ each bag for non-WIC/SNAP participants
  • Purchase confirmed compliant reusable and paper carryout bags (click here for current list)
  • If purchasing carryout bags from unconfirmed vendors, specify in purchasing order the minimum requirements and instructions and forward test results obtained from vendors to

Los Angeles Laker Luke Walton uses reusable bags

Encourage usage of reusable bags

  • Display reusable bag reminders (posters/banners) in parking lots or at store fronts
  • Sell reusable bags near the checkout stand and other locations
  • Display Public Service Announcements on monitors at checkout stands
  • Ask each customer if they brought their reusable bags today
  • Encourage customers to purchase reusable bags
  • Provide reusable bags to customers, either for sale or at no charge
  • Post a reusable bag reminder on single use paper bags
  • Give a free reusable bag to customers who spend a specified amount at the store
  • For stores with a per reusable bag credit, announce to customers how much they saved by utilizing reusable bags
  • Reward customers who bring reusable bags and/or single use bags back to the store by providing reward points and/or store credit
  • Donate the profits from reusable bag and/or paper bag sales to charities or schools to support environmental causes (such as litter prevention or wildlife protection)


Implement energy efficiency technology particularly in relation to storage of cold and frozen foods

  • Join the Environmental Protection Agency GreenChill Advanced Refrigeration Partnership
  • Replace old fans in chilled cases with lighter programmable motors
  • Install LED lighting in chilled cases
  • Install 3-pane glass with a low-emissivity coating on refrigerator doors
  • Install night curtains on open fridges
  • Use thermal imaging cameras to evaluate the efficiency of cooler cases
  • Install variable-speed drives in air-handling fans and evaporative condenser fans that use less energy than old equipment
  • Install hot gas anti-sweat heaters or high-efficiency compressors on refrigerators, coolers, and freezers

Encourage recycling of single use plastic and paper bags

  • Place recycling bins for single use plastic bags and paper bags in a visible and accessible location
  • Donate the profits from such recycling to charities or schools to support environmental causes (such as litter prevention or wildlife protection)

At-store single use bag recycling station

Additional Store Resources 
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