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 Used Oil Recycling

Used Oil Recycling

Before you change motor oil, check your vehicle owners manual for the recommended oil change interval instead of defaulting to the old standard of 3,000 miles. Cars today are built more advanced. click here for an easy tool to find the recommended time to change the oil on most vehicles made after 2000 (factsheet PDF, 159 KB).

Once you confirm the change interval, then recycling used oil is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

✔ Store your used motor oil and filter in a leak-proof container.
✔ Do not mix oil with gasoline, automotive fluids, other liquids or debris. Contamination makes it hazardous and unrecyclable.
✔ Take used motor oil to a Certified Collection Center for recycling at no charge during business hours (5 gallons per trip).

Here are important facts and information on why you should recycle used motor oil from the EPA and CalRecycle.

Recycle your used motor oil filter at the following oil filter exchange events (in Spanish | in Chinese).

Recycle Used Oil (English)

Recycle Used Oil (Spanish)

Recycle Used Oil (Cantonese)

Recycle Used Oil (Mandarin)

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