Have you ever?
  • Dropped a cigarette butt or litter on the ground?
  • Failed to pick up after your dog while out on a walk?
  • Overwatered your lawn after applying fertilizers/pesticides?
  • Disposed of used motor oil in the street, gutter or garbage?
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These actions pollute our neighborhoods, contaminate our ocean and area waterways, kill marine life and cause beach closures. Remember, storm drains lead straight to the ocean without treatment.

What can you do to prevent stormwater pollution?
To find out click on the tips below.
Oil Jug
Car Care

(PDF, ~1.2 MB)
Dog Paws
Dog Owners

(PDF, 875 KB)
Bag of fertilizer

(PDF, 987 KB)
Paint Brush

(PDF, 849 KB)
Pesticide Pump

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Recycling logo

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