Los Angeles County is doing its part to flatten the curve on COVID-19. As a result, all workshops are postponed until further notice. If you would like information about future workshops and projects, please contact (818) 623-4856 or email at youthleadership@treepeople.org.
School Competitions

Participate in one of Los Angeles County’s school competitions.


Show off your school's recycling skills and reduce waste leaving your campus. Start or monitor an existing waste reduction project and track how much waste your school is preventing from going into the landfill. The top school in each of the five Supervisorial Districts to divert the most amount of materials from the landfill, per student, for two consecutive weeks during the contest wins. Winners receive a trophy and are recognized.

For more information and to sign up for the 2019 – 2020 Battle of the Schools Competition, please contact
Kenneth Derieg at kderieg@treepeople.org

Congratulations to the 2018 - 2019 Battle of the Schools Winners!

The winners are:
  • Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School
  • Walnut Park Middle School
  • George K. Porter Middle School
  • Nick G. Parras Middle School -- Collected the most of any school with 17,706 pounds of waste or over 15 pounds per student!
  • Alverno High School

"Thirty seven Los Angeles County schools participated, successfully diverting over 76,085 pounds of waste from local landfills!"


Teach others how to take action and protect the watershed! Design an education campaign that addresses a real problem you see in your campus or community by teaching people a water wise solution or raising awareness. The top schools attend a final round of judging at Disney Synergy Lab, receive a trophy, and the two first place winners (1 middle school and 1 high school) win a field trip to the Floating Laboratory in Long Beach.

For more information and to sign up for the 2019 – 2020 Streets to the Sea Competition, please contact
Ariel Whitson at awhitson@treepeople.org

Congratulations to the 2018 - 2019 Streets to the Sea Winners!

Middle School Finalists
  • Jack F. Macy Intermediate School
  • Maple Village Waldorf School
  • New Roads Middle School
  • William Jefferson Clinton Middle School
  • Walnut Park Middle School

Grand Prize Middle School Winner:
New Roads Middle School

High Schools Finalists
  • Augustus Hawkins High School
  • Bassett High School
  • El Camino Real Charter High School
  • George Washington Preparatory High School
  • Glendale High School
  • Santa Monica High School
  • South East High School

Grand Prize High School Winner:
El Camino Real Charter High School