LACoMAX is a free service provided by the Los Angeles County Public Works, Environmental Programs Division. The primary goal of LACoMAX is to conserve landfill space by helping businesses, residents, organizations, and institutions find alternatives to the disposal of valuable materials which are presently discarded as waste.

Users of this on-line materials exchange service can browse or post listings of a wide variety of available and wanted materials. Listings are categorized by 15 material classifications and 6 regions and include common items such as wood pallets, out-of-fashion textiles, and chemicals as well as more uncommon items. The listings also contain contact information, allowing you to make direct contact with the listing party. All exchanges are coordinated between the two interested parties.

Use this on-line service to find something you need, to make available something you have (or will have), or to spot an entrepreneurial opportunity in someone else's discards.

By using LACoMAX, Los Angeles County businesses and communities benefit in the following ways:
  • Dwindling landfill space is conserved as materials are diverted from disposal for reuse or recycling
  • Schools and nonprofit organizations receive desperately needed materials at little or no cost
  • Disposal costs are reduced for generators of discarded materials
  • Economic development is promoted as discarded materials are used as feedstock at low or no cost
  • Los Angeles County communities move closer to meeting the state's goal of reducing disposal by 50%
  • Virgin raw materials (and the energy to process them) are conserved.
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If you prefer to make your excess materials available to worthy causes, we encourage you to donate these materials to Los Angeles County schools or non-profit organizations through the exchange. Because of their limited resources, schools face a constant challenge to provide students with needed equipment and supplies. Donations are also essential to many non-profit organizations. As an added benefit, you or your business can often claim income tax deductions for these donations (consult your tax preparer). To list your free material, go to our POST ITEM page, complete the Post Item Form, and check the box for school or non-profit organization. Your listing will be posted on the exchange with a special note to designate that items is available for free to non-profits and schools only. All LACoMAX visitors will still be able to view your listing.

Managed by the Los Angeles County Public Works, Environmental Programs Division
Toll Free Phone Number: 1(888) CLEAN LA
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