To search the LACoMAX database, click the "BROWSE LISTINGS" link located at the top navigation menu bar of any page. Materials are arranged by 16 different classifications but you may browse by category, keyword, or City. Select "AVAILABLE" if you would like to obtain the material, or select "WANTED" if you are donating or selling material. You may view wanted and available materials by selecting "BOTH". Click on the “SEARCH” button and LACoMAX will provide you with listings according to your preferences. If no preferences are indicated, a complete listing will be provided.

Once you find the material that you are looking for, use the contact information to contact the listing party directly and make arrangements to conduct a successful exchange. All negotiations are conducted between the two parties. You must register with LACoMAX to view the contact information.

To post a listing on LACoMAX, click the "POST ITEM" link located at the top navigation menu bar of any page. New Users should register with LACoMAX by filling out the registration form. Listings will not be accepted without complete contact information, including name, email address and phone number. Previous or current users will log in to LACoMAX using their email address and password. Public Works does not give this information to third parties, but a user's name, phone number or e-mail are made available on our website in order to facilitate contact between exchanging parties.

Once you provide your user Information, enter your listing on the "POST ITEM" form. If you have an item that is available for free*, select "AVAILABLE". If you are seeking a material, select "WANTED". Select the material type/category and the material item. Provide a complete material name and description to make it easier for browsers to find a match. Include the City in which the item is available. This City may be different from the City indicated in your User Profile. You have the option to exclusively select your item to be designated only to residents, schools, non-profit organizations, governments, or businesses. Select a date for your item to expire and be removed from the database.

After you have completed the information for your item, you may upload an image to supplement the description. All images have a maximum size of 1 MB, and have to be in a .jpg, .gif, or .png file format.

Potential listings are reviewed by the LACoMAX administrator prior to posting. Listing parties will be notified if a particular listing is not appropriate for posting on the exchange. Listings are usually within two business days and will have a life span of no more than two years. Browsers interested in your listing will contact you directly and make arrangements to conduct a successful exchange. All negotiations are conducted between the two parties. Please review our description of Acceptable Listings for more information about our policies on posting a listing.

* A nominal fee for transportation/delivery costs, if applicable, can be discussed and agreed upon by the two parties.

There is no charge to users for the LACoMAX on-line service. However, in exchange for using LACoMAX, we request that you make one commitment: please take the time to report your successful exchanges. While the success of LACoMAX is measured in several ways, one of the most critical way is by tracking the number of successful exchanges that take place. By documenting successful exchanges, we can evaluate the cost effectiveness of the program, an essential tool in determining its continuation.

If you have a successful exchange, please click on the Confirm a Successful Exchange link under the MY LACoMAX tab in the top navigation menu bar on any page. All of your current listings will be displayed. Choose which item was successfully exchanged, and click the CONFIRM button under the EXCHANGED? column on the left hand side.

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