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Smart Gardening Video

The Smart Gardening video is available for residents to borrow at the local County, City, 4-year College/University, or Community College libraries. To find a participating location, please choose a list by City or by Zip Code:

County Library
By City [PDF, 16KB]
By Zip Code [PDF, 16KB]
City Library
By City [PDF, 33KB]
By Zip Code [PDF, 33KB]
4-yr College/University
By City [PDF, 10KB]
By Zip Code [PDF, 11KB]
Community College
By City [PDF, 11KB]
By Zip Code [PDF, 11KB]

Free Mulch - Sponsored by the City of Los Angeles
Free Mulch Locations
Backyard Composting
Composting Bins
Backyard Composting Facts [PDF, 2.4MB]
Backyard Composting Questions and Answers [PDF, 234KB]
Worm Composting
Worm Facts [PDF, 715KB]
Worm Composting Questions and Answers [PDF, 245KB]
Grass Recycling
Grass Recycling Fact Sheet [PDF, 3.1MB]
Water-Wise Gardening
Water-Wise Gardening Fact Sheet [PDF, 2.2MB]
Fire-Wise Gardening
Fire-Wise Gardening Fact Sheet [PDF, 916KB]

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