Located in a dense East L.A. urban area, Obregon Park is frequented by many local residents. Since the neighborhood is low income and recreation space is scarce, Obregon Park is a popular retreat for children, families, adults, and seniors. Patrons had to utilize the grass or concrete areas to walk or jog on.

A rubberized path was built in 2014 made from recycled tires to showcase the practical application of recycled tires. The rubberized path provides a clear delineation for walking or jogging and connects the playgrounds and field areas. The path is 4 feet wide and approximately 1,500 feet in length. It is made of a crumb rubber composition from recycled waste tires which provides cushion for walking or jogging. Additionally, drought-tolerant landscaping were included in the project to accentuate the path. This project resulted in recycling over 5,000 tires.

Managed by the Los Angeles County Public Works, Environmental Programs Division
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