Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should a broken lcd monitor and a broken shredder be taken to a HHW/E-Waste collection site or event?

During the year, the County conducts weekly Household Hazardous (HHW)/Electronic Waste (E-Waste) Collection Events in various locations throughout Los Angeles County. These are free and convenient ways for residents to dispose of their unwanted HHW/E-Waste(which includes ALL TVs, paint, solvents, chemicals, computers, old medications, etc). Broken lcd monitors need to be taken to one of these HHW/E-Waste Collection events for disposal. You may also dispose of the electronic portion of your shredder at one of these events. Click on the link below for a schedule of upcoming collection events or call 1 (888) CLEAN LA (253-2652).

In addition, the County of Los Angeles has a permanent collection center in the Antelope Valley (Palmdale) and has also partnered with the City of Los Angeles to allow all residents of Los Angeles County to drop off HHW/E-Waste at one of the City's 6 permanent HHW/E-Waste Collection Centers in the communities of San Pedro, East Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, Playa del Rey, Los Angeles/Glendale, and Sun Valley. Disposal is free to residents and the hours of operation vary. Please check on the link below or call 1(800)98 TOXIC for details on the permanent centers.

  LA County HHW/E-Waste Collection Program

  Antelope Valley Environmental Collection Center

  City of LA Permanent Centers
lcd monitor, shredder, TVs, paint, solvents, chemicals, computers, old medications,