Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How should residents properly dispose of old, expired or unused non-controlled prescription or over-the-counter medications and drugs (pharmaceutical waste)?

Thank you for using our website. Please don't discard your unused medications/drugs/vitamins down the sink or toilet, because their chemical components may be added to the water supply or soil (click on the link below for further information).

Here are some suggestions to properly dispose of your unused non-controlled medications/drugs/vitamins:
* Ask your local pharmacist/doctor whether they take back unused medications/drugs/vitamins
* Take your unused medications/vitamins to a Household Hazardous Waste collection event or a permanent collection center (click on the link below for further information)
* Put in a sturdy, securely sealed container, then in a trash can where children and animals can't reach them.

Please note: Controlled substances will not be accepted at mobile collection events or permanent centers. Visit for disposal options.

  HHW events and Permanent centers

  No Drugs Down the Drain
Proper disposal of expired or unused medications/drugs (no controlled substances allowed)