Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I received a list of required fees and materials for separate document submittals in regards to a proposed easement for sewer purposes and was curious as to where I may find two of the documents; full sized copies of any recorded maps, as well as recorded easement documents. Any references would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

If you know the recorded map book number and page you can go to the following link on our DPW web page to look up a full sized copy of the recorded map:

If you do not know the map book number but you know the tract or parcel number you can use the following link to look up the map book number and then proceed to the survey page above to view the recorded map.

When separate easement documents are recorded they are given an instrument number which is the year followed by 7 digits. If you know the instrument number you can request a copy of the recorded document from the LA County Registrar-Recorder's Office. Use the following link to read their procedure and fees for requesting recorded documents:
You can also contact them by phone at (562) 462-2133

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