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I am a graduate student at the University of Southern California studying transportation engineering. I am doing a final project for one of my classes in which we are redesigning an intersection which includes a nearby bus stop. For our design, we would like to show the option of adding a bench for the bus stop. Could you tell me how much a bus bench costs? I understand that sometimes you can install advertising bus benches at no cost to the county. What qualifies for these types of benches (i.e. are there only certain areas that advertisers are interested in)?

We also are interested in planting one to three trees for our design. Can you provide any information on the cost of planting and maintaining different trees?

Thank you.

The County of Los Angeles has two types of bus stop bench programs, an advertising bus stop bench program and a non-advertising bus stop bench program.
The advertising bus stop bench program does not cost the County anything to fabricate/install/maintain. The ad bench vendors are responsible for fabricating/installing/maintaining the benches. In return, the County allows the ad bench vendors to pull permits and place these ad benches at select bus stops throughout the County. Ad bench vendors are more likely to place benches where there is high visibility for drivers/pedestrians.

The non-advertising bus stop bench program is funded by the County. A typical non-ad bench will cost the County approximately $1000 to fabricate/install and an annual maintenance cost of approximately $200/year.

If you have additional questions, you may contact William Yan at (626) 458-3961 or Thank you.

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