Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How are private development projects involving BMPs evaluated by the County?

All proposed development projects involving structural stormwater Best Management Practices are reviewed case by case--any designs that meet the minimum standards are considered equally. The County of Los Angeles Dept. of Public Works' Land Development Division (626-458-4943) will review and approve private installations that the County will maintain.

Proposed projects in unincorporated areas that will be privately maintained are referred to the County of Los Angeles Dept. of Public Works' Building and Safety Division (626-458-6390). If any of these private projects involve structural stormwater BMPs, Building and Safety refers the project to DPW's Environmental Programs Division, Industrial Waste Section (626-458-3517), for its review, approval, and issuance of an Industrial Waste Offsite Disposal Permit. The Industrial Waste permit usually carries, at a minimum, one annual inspection along with maintenance requirements. In its review, Environmental Programs Division, Industrial Waste Section, takes into account the pollutants of concern potentially generated at the site.

Private projects in incorporated cities requiring BMPs that the County will not maintain are the responsibility of each city.

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