Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between a SWPPP and a BMP?

The acronym "SWPPP" stands for Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan. SWPPPs are commonly associated with construction and industrial stormwater permits, which are issued by the Regional Water Quality Control Board. The Regional Board issues Construction Stormwater Permits for construction projects 1 acre or greater and issues Industrial Stormwater Permits for specific industries with certain Standard Industrial Codes. A SWPPP is an overall site-specific plan to eliminate the water quality problems associated with stormwater and daily runoff. The Plan may include the incorporation of any number of proprietary and nonproprietary BMPs.

Other types of SWPPPs are associated with the Los Angeles Municipal Stormwater permit. The Public Agencies Program under the Municipal Stormwater permit requires publicly owned corporate yards, maintenance, and storage facilities in Los Angeles County to implement a SWPPP to eliminate the water quality problems associated with stormwater and everyday runoff. In addition, under the Development Program of the Municipal Stormwater Permit, development that occurs within Los Angeles County on areas less than 1 acre must also implement a SWPPP to prevent erosion and sedimentation problems during the construction phase of the development.

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