Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a "Certified Full Capture" BMP?

Currently, this designation applies to gross pollutant trash separation structural Best Management Practices that could be installed to meet certain requirements of the Ballona Ck. and L.A. River watersheds trash TMDLs. The Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board grants certification status to those stormwater Best Management Practices it believes are capable of efficiently removing and safely storing man-made trash of 5 mm or greater in size from stormwater and urban runoff flows up to and including the runoff from a 1-year storm. Reliability and maintainability of the device are also factored into the Regional Board's certification.

Installation of such certified BMPs grants special accommodations for stormwater dischargers under the Ballona Ck. and L.A. River trash TMDL regulations. To date, it is believed that the Regional Water Quality Control Board has certified the following devices as full capture for specific applications:

· Continuous Deflective Separator (by CDS Technologies)
· Nonproprietary catch basin insert designed collectively by the Cities of Burbank, Glendale, La Canada Flintridge, and Pasadena
· Nonproprietary connector pipe screen design by the County of Los Angeles DPW
· Nonproprietary catch basin inserts designed by the City of Los Angeles
· Netting TrashTrap (by Fresh Creek Technologies)
· Storm Flo Litter Screen (by Roscoe Moss Co.)

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