Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the most common construction site water quality BMP violations?

According the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board, the following are the most common construction site violations (in order of frequency):

- Concrete washout in the street and on the soil without using proper washout stations;
- Hosing down of streets containing sediments and other potential pollutants without preventing those pollutants from entering catch basins. (Use shovels, brooms, and effective sweepers--not water--to minimize the discharge of non-storm water);
- Discharge from the construction site due to construction operations, such as stucco and plastering;
- Washing paint brushes and rollers on the soil without using a designated washout station;
- Failure to clean up spills and stained soil immediately;
- Failure to empty concrete washout stations when full and allowing concrete to overflow onto the soil;
- Construction waste in the street and on the site without being disposed of properly. Not covering trash cans when it rains;
- Buckets of potential contaminants laying on soil or in the street;
- Stockpiles of dirt and other potential contaminants in the street without proper protection from potential stormwater contact;
- Construction vehicles tracking dirt onto the street without using stabilized entrances and exits;
- Damaged sandbags caused by vehicles' driving over them;
- Failure to properly store construction materials.

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