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Do i need to get a permit to build a carport in the rear of my house that would measure approximately 6'h x 10'W x 25'L? What would a permit to build this carport cost me? Do i have to get a licensed contractor to build it for me or can i hire anyone? Would an inspector want to come and supervise the work? If so, would he also want to check the rest of my house and surrounding structures, even though he's just there for the building of the carport? Any information is appreciated. thanks

Yes, a building permit is required to construct a carport structure. In order to obtain a building permit you will need a site plan of the proposed carport showing its size and setbacks from property lines. A building permit fee is based on the valuation of the structure plus a nominal permit issuance fee. A licensed contractor is recommended for any construction project, but a homeowner/builder can take responsibility for construction regardless of who actually performs the work. You or your contractor may obtain the required permit(s) at the District Office serving your area, a link is provided for your convenience for locations of our district offices.

Inspectors do not supervise work, but do inspect the new construction to verify compliance with applicable building code requirements. Existing permitted structures would not be affected unless the new carport will be attached to an existing structure. If the carport is attached, as a result of the proposed new work, the existing building or structure shall not be rendered more hazardous than before the work is undertaken. Finally, if the inspector identifies anything illegal on the property it will have to be addressed simultaneously with the permitted work. Un-permitted work must be legalized before the inspector can approve the new carport.

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