Infrastructure LA was organized to forge strategic collaboration among the region’s public and private sector infrastructure leaders. While the LA region has an immense inventory of public and private infrastructure, its management is spread across a labyrinth of individual entities, sometimes working in silos with disparate stakeholders. Faced with complex urban challenges and growing infrastructure demand, LA region’s infrastructure leaders need a platform to collaboratively develop and deploy strategies to advance new initiatives and remove barriers to infrastructure delivery.


Infrastructure LA serves as a collaborative platform to spur innovative thinking and ideas aimed at building the next generation of infrastructure that advances sustainable development of the LA region.


Infrastructure LA promotes collaborative engagement and identifies policies and initiatives that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public and private sector infrastructure investments in LA and surrounding regions, resulting in assets that create public values that are reflective of the region’s economic, social, and environmental trends.

COVID-19 Task Force

A Task Force was established in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to engage, collaborate, and share resources with impacted agencies and organizations for more unified emergency response. To facilitate engagement with agencies from the Public Sector, Private Sector, Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Business Associations, Councils of Government (COGs), Cities, Utilities, and Academia, Infrastructure LA has launched this website to include resources and information related to the current COVID-19 pandemic, along with opportunities to comment and ask questions.