Marina del Rey Projects

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In partnership with LA County Supervisorial District 4, the Los Angeles County Departments of Public Works and Beaches & Harbors are undertaking a comprehensive program of much needed public infrastructure improvements in Marina del Rey. The $54 million program is designed to meet the long-term future needs of this world-renowned Los Angeles County destination with enhanced traffic flow and capacity, improved water and sewer systems, and the development of exciting new recreational opportunities. Additionally, the program addresses resident and local business concerns about groundwater infiltration, flood protection, pavement condition, and odor control. Through careful coordination with Marina del Rey Lessees, businesses, and residents, Supervisor Knabe and County staff are committed to delivering these infrastructure improvement projects in a manner that maximizes their value while minimizing the temporary inconveniences that accompany major construction projects.

Program Details

Unfortunately, a decline in State gas tax revenue has created a funding shortfall for local improvement projects, so work on the Fiji Way Roadway Improvement Project and Via Marina Street Improvement Project have been deferred from their original schedule. Our goal is to proceed with the work on these projects once the current funding shortfall is resolved.

Please see the Project Map.

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Road Projects Status
green box Admiralty Way Street Improvement Project Completed
light green box Admiralty Way At Via Marina Roadway Project Deferred
limegreen box Admiralty Way Settlement Repair Project Completed
orange line Fiji Way Roadway Improvement Project Deferred
purple box Via Marina Street Improvement Project Deferred
teal box Via Marina South of Old Harbor Lane - Guardrail
Water Line Projects Status
darkblue line 18-Inch Waterline Replacement Phase II Project Completed
navyblue line 18-Inch Water Line Replacement Phase III-A Project Completed
lightblue line 18-Inch Water Line Replacement Phase III-B Project Under Construction
Watershed Projects Status
purple box Oxford Retention Basin Multi-Use Enhancement Project Completed
light purple box Parking Lots 5 and 7 Improvement Project Completed
violet box Parking Lot 9 Water Quality Enhancement Project Under Construction
parking icon MDR LLoyd Taber Library Parking Lot Water Quality Enhancement Project
Sewer Projects Status
black dot in orange Odor Control Project Completed
yellow bar Manhole Lining Project - Phase III Completed
Capital Projects Status
light pink line Seawall Refurbishment Project Completed
tidegate Tide Gate Project Completed
house Boathouse Project Under Construction
green anchor icon B. Chace Park Transient Dock Replacement Project Completed
pink anchor icon Anchorage 47 Dock Replacement Project Under Construction
yellow box Yvonne Burke Park Improvements
red bar Bike Path Pavement Rehabilitation - Admiralty Way
building icon Permits Building Tenant Improvement Project
picnic icon Marina Beach General Improvement Project
City of Los Angeles Project Status
red path Venice Dual Force Main Sewer Project
Private Redevelopment Projects Status
beach icon Villa del Mar Under Construction
beach icon Neptune Marina
beach icon Pier 44
beach icon AMLI Residential Under Construction
beach icon Marriott
beach icon Mariners Bay Under Construction
beach icon Boat Central
beach icon The Boatyard