Street Sweeping Service - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Street Sweeping Service - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Public Works Street Sweeping FAQs Video Please see the attached video that answers the most commonly asked questions regarding street sweeping operations or check out the detailed FAQs below.

1. Why do we have the street sweepers clean the streets? Keeping the streets clean benefits everyone. The street sweepers clean as much of each curb and gutter as possible to ensure that debris and pollutants are removed. The streets are kept cleaner when the sweeper has access to each curb and gutter, reducing the amount of pollutants entering the storm drain system.

2. What are the hours, days of week and frequency of street sweeping operations in my neighborhood? Some streets have posted signs which designate the hours between which there is no parking allowed in order to make room for the street sweeper to pass by. Other streets are not posted with designated times, yet still have a designated sweeping day. Please see the Street Sweeping Map which will provide information about the hours, days and frequency your street is swept. You may also view this information via our FAQ Video
3. What happens if I leave my car on the street during the scheduled street sweeping day? If your street has posted parking regulations and your vehicle is parked on the street during the posted hours, a parking citation may be issued by the Sheriff's Department. You may also view this information via our FAQ Video.
4. Will I get a ticket if I move my car just before the sweeper passes by or if I move my car back to the street right after the street sweeper passes by? Since the Sheriff's Department parking enforcement officers cannot always follow behind the street sweeper, they may issue citations for vehicles parked on the street at any time during the posted no-parking hours. You may also view this information via our FAQ Video
5. There is inaccurate, missing or damaged street sweeping signage on my street, can Public Works repair or replace? Public Works strives to maintain all of our signage assets, please make a report of your inaccurate, missing or damaged signage using "The Works" mobile application, available for download via Apple App Store and Google Play Store or report a street sweeping sign issue by Clicking Here and we will work diligently to repair or replace the street sweeping signage. You may also view this information via our FAQ Video
6. Why did the street sweeper leave large debris piles behind? Our street sweeping machines are intended to collect dirt, sand and fine media. Large objects can damage our equipment which is why our operators are instructed to avoid any large debris pile where the contents cannot be visually confirmed. Residents are encouraged not to leave any debris piles in the roadway or gutter. You may also view this information via our FAQ Video.
7. Does Public Works sweep back alleys? Public Works does not routinely sweep alleyways and will address alleyway sweeping on a case-by-case basis by request using "The Works" mobile application or Request Street Sweeping. "The Works" is available for download via Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You may also view this information via our FAQ Video.
8. Can Public Works sweep sidewalks? Public Works does not sweep sidewalks. Owners of lots or portions of lots fronting on any portion of public sidewalk are tasked with the sweeping the sidewalk if necessary. For more details see Article 2 of the California Streets and Highway Code Section 5610-5618. You may also view this information via our FAQ Video.
9. Why does the sweeping period need to be so long? The street sweeper needs sufficient time to complete all the streets scheduled for each route. The street sweeper generally comes about the same time each week. However, when tree leaves accumulate and after rain storms, the street sweepers must travel slower and sometimes make multiple passes. The sweeper also can occasionally experience delays because of other factors such as equipment maintenance.

10. Can Public Works Sweepers use more water to clean the street? Public Works sweepers are equipped with water tanks and water spraying nozzles for the sole purpose of mitigating fugitive dust produced by sweeping operations. The County diligently ensures all of our street sweepers comply with South Coast Air Quality Management District Rule 1186. You may also view this information via our FAQ Video.
11. Can Public Works remove the dead animal in the street? Public Works refers all dead animal concerns to the Department of Animal Care and Control. You may also view this information via our FAQ Video.

12. Do the no-parking signs apply for my RV? The requirement to park off-street during sweeping applies to all vehicles including RVs, boats, and trailers.

13. The sweeper was scheduled to come today but did not show up? We apologize for the inconvenience, it is possible our sweepers are experiencing a mechanical breakdown, a rainy day cancellation or were observing a County Holiday. For more information regarding holidays Click Here. You may also view this information via our FAQ Video.

14. Why has the County reduced the street sweeping frequency to twice per month on residential streets? Providing the right level of service will allow us to provide clean streets and focus resources on maintaining and improving our streets, sidewalks, and urban forest.