Note: This list shows closed roads within unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County that affect disaster routes. Estimated reopening dates are subject to change without notice.
Currently 9 road closures affecting the disaster routes. Last updated on:
Street - From/To Status Reason Begin Date Estimated End Date
Palmdale Blvd FROM: Longview Rd TO: 170th Street East Road Closed Closed Due To Construction, Mon-Fri Only From 6am To 6pm    12/15/19 
Cornell Rd FROM: Wagon Rd TO: Mulholland Hy Lane Closed Crane Placement   10/28/19  10/29/19 
Callon St FROM: Sylvania St TO: Cheney Dr Lane Closed Crane Placement   10/18/19  10/18/19 
2022 Topanga Skyline Dr FROM: 1988 Topanga Skyline Dr TO: 2022 Topanga Skyline Dr Lane Closed Crane Placement   10/17/19  10/17/19 
Mulholland Hy FROM: Cornel Rd TO: Las Virgenes Rd Lane Closed Crane Placement   10/16/19  10/17/19 
Santa Anita FROM: Arno TO: Chantry Flats Road Closed Due To Red Flag Warning.  10/11/19  10/14/19 
Mulholland Hwy FROM: Waring Drive TO: Troutdale Drive Construction Zone. Expect Delays Mulholland Hwy Bridge Replacement. One Lane Temporary Traffic Signal.  05/29/19  TBD 
Mulholland Hwy FROM: Little Sycamore Canyon Rd TO: Pacific Coast Hwy Road Closed Woolsey Fire  11/09/18  TBD 
Mulholland Hwy FROM: Lower Brewster Rd TO: Seminole Dr Road Closed Woolsey Fire  11/09/18  TBD 

Please visit for more information on disaster routes and a complete set of disaster route maps.