Street Flooding and Drainage Issues

Attention: Please note that this site is not for immediate resolution of flooding issues. It is intended to address flooding issues with future project development which can take 1 to 5 years.

For Urgent Requests 24/7: Please call (800) 675-HELP (4357)

For assistance during normal business hours: Please use Service Locator. Enter the address of the flooding location and click FIND SERVICE button. From the Services Located page please use Storm Drains and Pothole and Road Debris in the Road contacts as appropriate.

Street Flooding and Drainage Issue

Street flooding and drainage issues can be reported through the Drainage Needs Assessment Program (DNAP).

DNAP is a program of the Los Angeles County Flood Control District (LACFCD) to collect, evaluate, and prioritize local drainage issues for resolution for 86 cities and over 120 unincorporated communities in Los Angeles County.

When reporting a drainage issue, please provide the following:

  • Address of the location (Include address in Subject Line)
  • Date of the flooding
  • Description of the location
  • Description of the issue

More information on DNAP

Unincorporated Area Residents

Unincorporated area residents should contact Los Angeles County Public Works at to report drainage issues within unincorporated areas.

A County Public Works representative will reply and collect all pertinent information regarding the drainage issue to enter into the DNAP database.

City Residents

City residents should report drainage concerns to their city's public works department. The city's representative will work with residents to collect and submit all pertinent information into the DNAP database.

City Representatives

The DNAP website is accessed through County Public Works' City Services Request Tracking System (CSRTS), an existing hub for cities to request services from County Public Works.

All existing CSRTS users will have access to DNAP

Once logged in, click on Create Request tab to start the application process.