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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Should I submit urgent requests using The Works?
    No. Although the Los Angeles County The Works mobile app is a great tool for most requests, it isn't intended for reporting issues that need to be addressed immediately. For Urgent Requests - Please call our Dispatch Center at 800-675-HELP (4357), available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Here are examples of urgent requests:
    • Traffic Sign down or missing: (Stop Sign, One Way, Do Not Enter, No Right/Left Turn, Keep Right, Yield, "Hazard" signs)
    • Traffic and pedestrian signal outage & malfunction
    • Streetlights out at an intersection
    • Debris in roadway
    • Tree blocking roadway or sidewalk
    • Utility cover missing
    • Severe sidewalk, curb, and gutter damage
    • Street flooding or plugged catch basin
    • Hazardous waste spills
    • Sewer backup, overflow, odor, vermin
    • Water line break
    If you have a police, fire, or medical emergency, call 911 immediately.
  2. How can I download the app?
    Visit our web portal on your iOS or Android smartphone for links to download the app:
    Note: The Works may not operate properly on older devices.
    Visit the app store to download the app on your smartphone device:
    Note: The Works may not operate properly on older devices.
  3. Is this a free service?
    The Works is a taxpayer funded service for the benefit of all residents of Los Angeles County. There is no charge to request information or services via the app.
  4. I don't have a smartphone, can I still submit requests?
    Yes. You can either use our Report a Problem web portal or call 800-675-HELP (4357), available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  5. Why is the app asking for permission to access my location?
    This feature will allow your location to be used as the default address for requests and as a reference point for locating nearby services. This information is never stored or transmitted. The app's location tracking can be adjusted anytime in your device's Settings app.
  6. Is sharing my location required for using the app?
    No, sharing your location is optional.
  7. Why is the app asking for permission to access my device's camera and photo gallery?
    This allows you to capture and attach photos to the request. Photos provide a helpful visual for department staff to assess reported concerns. If you don't add a photo, please type in a detailed description.
  8. Do I need to include a photo when submitting a service request?
    No, adding a photo is optional.
  9. Can I submit a service request anonymously and not share my name and contact information?
    Yes, you may remain anonymous; however, not providing contact information may limit the department's ability to effectively respond to the request (for example, obtaining more specific details to fulfill the request). In addition, anonymous submissions will not be entitled to follow up on service requests when calling in, as user identity cannot be confirmed. If you provide your email address at time of submission, you will receive an automated confirmation email with your service request tracking number and email notifications when the request is closed.
  10. Will you sell, share, or otherwise use my email address?
    No. Your email address is used only for sending follow-up updates to your submitted requests. You will never receive solicitations and your contact information will not be sold or shared. Please see our privacy policy.
  11. How can I check the status of my service requests?
    When submitting that request, you have the option to include your email address. This will allow us to send you updates on the status of submitted requests. Also, you may tap the Status icon on the Los Angeles County The Works app. The Status screen should display every service request that you have submitted through the app. From there, you can select individual service requests to get detailed information and status updates on each case you've submitted.
  12. How come the service request indicates it's "closed" the same day it was opened, especially when the matter was not handled/completed?
    When a matter is "closed," it means it is been completed within the system. While the County does work within the system when fulfilling service requests, oftentimes, other County departments/agency handle complaints and take the information, enter it into their own system, and then close the request. Status update messages on the request should let you know that their service request is being handled by a different department/agency, even though it shows as closed. When a service request is submitted, it is routed directly to the appropriate department/agency to handle the case.
  13. When I submit a service request who will fulfill the request and how long will it take?
    Your request will be assigned to the department or agency that handles that type of service request. The time to fulfill the request varies depending on the service request type, priority, and the volume of requests being handled by the assigned department(s). You will typically receive a response within 72 hours of submission. The mobile app currently offers over 70 service request types which are fulfilled by various departments/agencies including the Department of Public Health, Department of Regional Planning, Parks and Recreation, and Public Works.
  14. Does the app support Spanish?
    Yes. In your device's settings app, change the default language to Español.
  15. What other resources are available through the app?
    You can access quick links by selecting the More button on the home screen or on the bottom menu. The More screen provides options such as an Events calendar, which shows scheduled activities around Los Angeles County such as household hazardous waste collections as well as a City Directory, which lists contact information for all cities within LA County.

How To Report An Issue

  1. On the home screen, tap See all services, or you can alternatively tap inside the How Can We Help You? input box.
  2. Select the type of issue you would like to submit. You can type into the input box to filter for a specific issue type.
    report issue list
  3. Select the location of an issue by moving the map with your finger OR by typing in an address and selecting one of the suggested addresses.
    report map
  4. Then tap the Continue button. The app will verify if the County provides a service, if the issue or location is not serviced by the County the app will provide a contact number for the agency that does.
  5. Provide your contact information. If you want to enter your contact info, the Email field is required because that is where you will receive follow-up emails related to your request. If you want to submit anonymously, unselect the Include your contact info toggle button.
    report map
  6. Then tap the Continue button.
  7. Enter detailed information about the issue by providing a Description.
    report input screen
  8. You can optionally document the issue by taking a photo - just tap the Add Photos button add photos icon and then select Camera or Gallery on the next screen.
  9. Tap the Submit button at the bottom of the screen.

    You can then check on the status of the submitted report by tapping the Status button in the bottom menu. You will typically receive a response within 72 hours.

How To Locate Services

The Service Locator helps you find nearby services in Los Angeles County, including:
  • Building Permits
  • Libraries
  • Shuttle Buses
  • Fire Stations
  • Sewer Maintenance
  • Animal Control
  1. Tap the Locate button on the bottom menu.
  2. Select the type of service. You can select All if you want to show all services.
    locate service list
  3. Select a location to find nearby services by moving the map with your finger OR by typing in an address and selecting one of the suggested addresses.
    report map
  4. Then tap the Continue button.
  5. The selected service near your selected location will be listed. For certain service listings, you can tapping a blue left arrow button driving directions icon to bring up driving directions on a map.
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