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Alternative Technology Advisory Subcommittee
The Alternative Technology Advisory Subcommittee (ATAS) is a subcommittee of the Los Angeles County Solid Waste Management Committee/Integrated Waste Management Task Force (Task Force). Formed in 2005, this advisory group is comprised of 13 members representing state and local agencies, community groups, utility and landfill operations, and the private sector. The ATAS works in conjunction with Los Angeles County Public Works to advance the development of conversion technologies in Southern California. The ATAS meets regularly on the third Thursday of each month in a public meeting hosted by Los Angeles County Public Works. Please click here to be directed to the Task Force website. 

The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery, also known as CalRecycle, is the state agency responsible for statewide solid waste management and recycling programs. CalRecycle maintains a page on their website specifically for conversion technologies that contains reports, workshops, and other useful information. Please click here to be directed to CalRecycle’s website.

Santa Barbara County
The County of Santa Barbara, in coordination with the cities of Santa Barbara, Goleta, Buellton, and Solvang, are developing a Resource Recovery Park at Tajiguas Landfill. This project would increase recycling and convert waste into energy. Please click here to be directed to the project’s website.

City of Los Angeles
The Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation is collaborating  closely with stakeholders to develop the guiding principles and vision that will drive the details of a 20-year Zero Waste Plan. Alternative technologies play a critical role in that Plan. Please click here to be directed to the Bureau of Sanitation’s website.