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Special Announcement:

The February through July 2016 Semi-Annual Status Report on Conversion Technologies is now available (click HERE). The report includes clear benchmarks for measuring progress being made towards establishing viable conversion technology projects in the County. The report can also be found along with previous reports in the Resources tab under Publications.


Previous Announcements:

Thank you to all attendees, speakers, moderators, and sponsors for making the 2016 Southern California Conversion Technology Conference a success! Over 20 speakers and 200 attendees from academia, nearby jurisdictions, regulatory agencies, elected offices, and community environmental groups engaged in discussion and expressed willingness to learn more about the role each stakeholder can play to advance the development of conversion technologies throughout the region. Speaker presentations and videos of opening remarks, keynotes and closing remarks are now available. Click below for the videos and keynote studies, or above on the Conference tab for all links.

Opening Remarks Video
Panel 1: Conversion Technologies and Best Practices Throughout the World Video
Panel 2: Environmental Findings from CT Studies and Projects Video
Keynote Video with Study: Wasting Opportunities
Panel 3: Conversion Technologies and Sustainability Video
Panel 4: CA Projects, Permitting, and Legislation Video
Closing Remarks/Questions Video

The County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works prepared a “Comparative Greenhouse Gas Emissions Analysis of Alternative Scenarios for Waste Treatment and/or Disposal”

The Comparative Analysis shows that an Integrated Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) with Conversion Technologies will achieve a net reduction in cumulative greenhouse gas emissions as compared to landfilling post-recycled residuals from a mixed-waste MRF.

To view the Briefing Report of the Comparative Analysis, click here (1.7MB, PDF). To view the full report, click here (4.2MB, PDF) and to view the full report with appendices, click here (12.0MB, PDF).


About the Program

Each day, 135,000 tons of trash is sent to California landfills. These materials represent a resource that could be better used to benefit the businesses and residents of California.

21st century conversion technologies are changing the way we think of trash or waste. The County of Los Angeles sees trash as a potential resource, and conversion technologies are an innovative way to convert that resource into renewable energy, biofuels, and other useful products.

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