Sediment Management

Strategic Plan

In recent years, the District has identified new challenges in managing sediment. In particular, the wildfires occurring in 2007 and 2009 burned a large portion of the County and have led to an increased inflow of sediment and debris within District facilities. This has put pressure on the remaining capacity of existing sediment placement sites, where the Flood Control District has traditionally placed sediment. As a result, the District has developed a 20-year Sediment Management Strategic Plan (Strategic Plan) for years 2012-2032 that pursues new alternatives which can reduce the environmental and social impacts of sediment management.

The Strategic Plan represents the results of a continuing dialogue about sediment management between the District and numerous stakeholders in the region. The Strategic Plan provides an overview of sediment management issues, evaluates various strategies to help identify optimal solutions for sediment management, and identifies general steps that should be pursued to meet the District’s mission. The Strategic Plan is guided by the following key objectives:

  • Maintaining flood risk management and water conservation;
  • Recognizing opportunities for increased environmental stewardship;
  • Reducing social impacts related to sediment management;
  • Identifying ways to use sediment as a resource; and
  • Ensuring the District is fiscally responsible in decision-making.

The Strategic Plan is a living document that is open to other alternatives and may be revised in the future as conditions change. This Strategic Plan is intended to be an advisory document. Development of specific cleanout plans for the District’s numerous facilities will be guided by the Strategic Plan and provides opportunities for additional public input, including that from the local communities affected by each cleanout.

Sediment Management Strategic Plan


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Cover Sheet & Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Acronyms and Abbreviations
Section 1 – Introduction
Section 2 – Existing Facilities
Section 3 – Regulations, Policies & Practices
Section 4 – Sediment Deposition & Removal
Section 5 – 20-Year Planning Quantities
Section 6 – General Description of Alternatives
Section 7 – San Gabriel Canyon Reservoirs
Section 8 – Large Reservoirs
Section 9 – Small Reservoirs
Section 10 – Debris Basins
Section 11 – Summary & Next Steps
Appendix A – Advisory Working Group Members
Appendix B – DPW Staff Members
Appendix C – Task Force Invitee List
Appendix D – Task Force Meeting Documents
Appendix E – Sediment Use Assessment
Appendix F – Comments & Responses
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Community Meeting Boards
Why is sediment management important?
The Sediment Management Startegic Plan Development Approach