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Mulholland Highway
Vision Zero Traffic Safety Enhancements

Whether you walk, ride, or drive, LA County is enhancing safety along Mulholland Highway.

On August 8, 2023, the Board of Supervisors approved Supervisor Horvath’s motion regarding traffic safety along Mulholland Highway, bringing together engineers, public health professionals, law enforcement, and community members to identify ways to eliminate fatal and severe injury crashes along the roadway.

Did you know?1

Wider edge lines reduce non-intersection fatal and severe injury crashes up to 37% on rural 2-lane roads.

Chevron Signs – 25% reduction in nighttime crashes, 16% reduction in non-intersection fatal and injury crashes.

Speed Reduction Pavement Markings – Can reduce overall speeds downstream of curves up to 5 mph.

Mulholland Hwy
(2013-September 2023)2:


Of severe injury and fatal collisions along Mulholland Hwy involved a fixed object or roadway departure.


Severe injuries among drivers, passengers, bicyclists, and motorcyclists.


Fatalities among all drivers: 3 motorcyclists, 1 person inside vehicle.

  1. Federal Highway Administration, FHWA-SA-21-055, FHWA-SA-21-035, and Low-Cost Treatments for Horizontal Curve Safety 2016, “Chapter 3 Markings”
  2. Los Angeles County Public Works Traffic Collisions Database – Exported 9/19/23 – Data from 2013 to Sept 2023

We need your help to ensure that Mulholland Highway is safe for all.

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Wednesday, October 25th | 6–7 p.m.

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Traffic Safety Enhancements

Public Works is proposing implementing the following traffic safety measures from Zuma Ridge Fire Rd (near Encinal Canyon Rd) to one mile east of April Rd:

Road signage to assist drivers

Curve Advisory & Chevron Signage

to assist drivers with identifying changing road features.

Lane enhanser

Wider Edge Line, Centerline Rumble Strips, and Reflective Markers

to alert drivers if they’ve left their lane and help them avoid other vehicles, signs, guardrails, and other features.

Pavement markings to encourage speed reduction

Speed Reduction Pavement Markings

to encourage drivers to be aware of their speed and slow down.

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