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Your safety is vital while traveling in unincorporated communities. This is why Los Angeles County has set a goal of zero traffic deaths on unincorporated County roadways by 2035.

annual number of traffic-related fatalities and severe infuries Annual number of traffic-related fatalities and severe injuries on unincorporated county roadways from 2013-2017

Vision Zero is an initiative to eliminate traffic-related fatalities. Each year, on average more than 75 people lose their lives in traffic collisions on unincorporated County roadways. An Action Plan has been developed to guide the County's efforts in enhancing traffic safety in unincorporated Los Angeles County communities.

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What is the purpose of this ACTION PLAN?

Vision Zero Los Angeles County: A Plan for Safer Roadways  guides the County's efforts on reducing traffic deaths and severe injuries on unincorporated County roadways through 2025. It creates the vision for the future and sets goals and actions to enhance traffic safety in collaboration with agencies and community partners.

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What is the purpose of a Slow Streets Program?

The Slow Streets Program is part of the County's local emergency response to COVID-19. For more information on COVID-19 in Los Angeles County, visit the County's COVID-19 Response website.

The Slow Streets Program has the following goals:

  • Promote traffic calming
  • Help communities comply with Social Distancing
  • Encourage physical activity

How can I get a Slow Street Network in my neighborhood?

The following criteria must be met to be considered for a Slow Street Network designation:

  • The proposed streets are local residential streets
  • The proposed streets are part of a network of neighborhood streets
    • A network should include between 10 and 25 intersections or street segments and/or approximately 2 miles

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