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2014 Final IRWM Plan Update

Dear Stakeholder:

The Greater Los Angeles County Region Integrated Regional Water Management (GLACR IRWM) group has finalized its 2014 GLACR IRWM Plan. IRWM Plans are regional plans designed to improve collaboration in water resources management. The first IRWM Plan for GLACR IRWM was published in 2006 following a multi-year effort among water retailers, wastewater agencies, stormwater and flood managers, watershed groups, the business community, tribes, agriculture, and non-profit stakeholders to improve water resources planning in the Los Angeles Basin. It provides a mechanism for: 1) coordinating, refining, and integrating existing planning efforts within a comprehensive, regional context; 2) identifying specific regional and watershed-based priorities for implementation projects; and 3) providing funding support for the plans, programs, projects, and priorities of existing agencies and stakeholders.

The GLACR IRWM group worked on updating the 2006 GLACR IRWM Plan to comply with new State integrated planning requirements, improve the content, and make the group eligible for future grant funding. The GLACR IRWM Plan review process, which included public hearings, allowed stakeholders to revisit the Plan’s goals, objectives, and priorities in light of changes that have occurred since 2006. In compliance with State requirements, the Boards of the IRWM member organizations adopted the 2014 GLACR IRWM Plan. The County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors adopted the 2014 GLACR IRWM Plan on May 20, 2014. Following the final public hearing, the 2014 GLACR IRWM Plan was approved by the Greater Los Angeles County Region Leadership Committee at its August 27, 2014 meeting.


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