East Los Angeles Sustainable Median Stormwater Capture Project

East Los Angeles Sustainable Median


Water Quality

Infiltration wells and low impact development, such as bioswales, will divert and infiltrate stormwater runoff to help improve the water quality of our rivers, channels, and ocean.

Water Supply

Infiltration wells will divert stormwater runoff into underground aquifers, replenishing our local groundwater supply.

Urban Greening

Planting over 300 trees and drought tolerant landscaping will enhance the community space and reduces the effects of greenhouse gases.

Community and Education

Passive recreation and educational signage will enhance the community space and increase public awareness on sustainable development.

The proposed East Los Angeles Sustainable Median Stormwater Capture Project (Project) located in the unincorporated area of East Los Angeles (East LA), in Landscape Maintenance District Zone 35, will improve water quality, increase water supply and enhance recreation and the community. This Project will capture and infiltrate approximately 21 acre-feet of urban and stormwater runoff from a 3,000-acre tributary area of mostly residential and commercial land areas. The project will also provide above ground improvements such as jogging paths, drought tolerant landscaping, plant over 300 trees, and educational signage.


Event Date
Final Design Winter 2018
Advertisement and Bidding August 2019
Construction Award April 2020
Construction Start August 2020
Construction Closeout Fall 2021


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• Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda Solis
• California Natural Resource Agency – Urban Greening Grant Program
• State Water Resources Control Board – Proposition 1 Stormwater Implementation Grant Program
• Los Angeles County Flood Control District
• City of Montebello
• City of Monterey Park
• Safe Clean Water Program


May 2021/June 2021

Please be aware that work in the areas highlighted in green may result in temporary lane closures and periodic parking restrictions. Traffic notices and detours will be posted for any required closures or restrictions.
 October 13, 2020

Storm drain diversion line construction
Redirects water from an existing storm drain into a new storm drain that will eventually connect with the drywells

Drywell drilling
Drilling 100’+ deep to maximize water capture while allowing the water to soak into the ground

Casing installation
Construction method to keep drilled hole open, prevents caving in of surrounding soils for drywell construction

Drywell pipe sections
Drywell sections will be stacked in the drilled holes and will allow water to soak into the soil, eventually recharging the ground water

September 28, 2020

Construction work hours are 7:00am to 4:30pm

JULY 2, 2020

A virtual project information session was hosted on Wednesday, June 24, 2020. Thank you to the community for making it out and providing valuable feedback on the project. Please see below for the presentation along with meeting minutes.

Additionally, please see below for presentations from previous project information sessions.
Mladin Buntich Construction Company, Inc. was the lowest-qualified bidder and was awarded the construction contract on April 14, 2020.

Click on the image below to see the latest project rendering.

APRIL - MAY 2018

The Draft Addendum to the Program Environmental Impact Report was released for a 30-day public review and comment period.

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To receive project updates, contact Regina Quan at (626) 300-3255 or RQuan@dpw.lacounty.gov or Rafael Piamonte at (626) 300-2630 or rpiamonte@dpw.lacounty.gov.