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Staff from many of the retail water agencies in the Antelope Valley met initially on November 20, 2006, to discuss several issues related to the water resources in the Antelope Valley that pertain specifically to the water community. Those in attendance agreed that it would be beneficial for staff level representatives from the retail water agencies that serve the Antelope Valley to meet regularly to discuss the issues of importance to their respective agencies and create a unified voice among the retail water agencies for water conservation, groundwater management, water recycling and the use of imported water in the Valley.

The following is a list of participating agencies:

*Rosamond Communitey Service District
*Palmdale Water District
*Littlerock Creek Irrigation District
*Quartz Hill Water District
*Antelope Park Mutual Company
*Antelope Valley United Water Purveyors
*Westside Park Mutual Company
*Los Angeles County Waterworks District No. 40

November 20, 2006 Meeting