Multi-Benefit Project


Rory M. Shaw Wetlands Park
Sun Valley Watershed

The project proposes to convert a 46-acre, engineered, inert landfill into a multi-purpose wetlands park. A storm drain system will be constructed to collect stormwater runoff from the upstream 929-acre drainage area and convey them into the project site. Detention ponds and wetlands will be constructed to capture and treat stormwater runoff to provide water quality enhancement. Proposed recreational enhancements include trails, active recreational amenities, educational signage and restrooms.

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Key Project Elements

Oxford Basin Retention Basin
Marina del Rey Watershed

The Oxford Retention Basin Multiuse Enhancement Project, scheduled to begin construction in 2014, is designed to enhance flood protection, reduce runoff pollution, and significantly improve the quality of plant and wildlife habitat within the facility, as well as its aesthetic appeal. Diseased trees and non-native plants will be replaced with more native, drought-tolerant species. The project will also provide new recreational and safety amenities, including a walking path, observation areas, wildlife-friendly lighting and more attractive tubular fencing.

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