Mass Emission Stations
Mass Emission Stations (MES) were established and monitored throughout the LACFCD in an effort to characterize the water quality of the channels and streams. Tributary stations were selected to characterize the water quality of channels and streams in the subwatersheds.

During the 2013-2014 monitoring year, the LACFCD monitored seven MES, including Ballona Creek, Malibu Creek, Los Angeles River, Coyote Creek, San Gabriel River, Dominguez Channel, and Santa Clara River. The collective drainage area from the seven MES encompasses approximately 2,060 square miles.

The six tributary monitoring stations monitored during the 2013-2014 monitoring year were selected to collect water quality data from subwatersheds in the Malibu Canyon Watershed Management Area. These stations were established in accordance with the 2001 Municipal Stormwater Permit Monitoring program. Monitoring of the Malibu Canyon Watershed tributary stations began in the 2011-2012 monitoring year.

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