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Here’s what teachers and principals who have seen the Environmental Defenders assembly program have to say about it:

“Riveting video with live elements in the presentation. Interaction with the students throughout to keep them engaged and actively participating. Love the new online resources!”
- Teacher, Lorne Street Elementary and STEM Magnet School, Los Angeles Unified School District

“The presenters were highly organized and engaging. The students enjoyed the show along with hearing its message.”
- Principal, La Primaria Elementary School, Mountain View School District

“Students enjoyed interacting with presenters. Each part was engaging. My class had fun and learned useful information!”
- Teacher, Isana Achernar Academy, Compton Unified School District

“We loved it! The students, teachers, parents and staff all positively commented on the fun, energetic and informative presentation. The actors were fantastic! Thank you!”
- Vice Principal, Mary Immaculate School, Private

“I look forward to this assembly every year! It is FABULOUS! It is effective for every grade level.”
- Teacher, Starr King Elementary, Long Beach Unified School District

“Students were engaged with the interactive presentation. Giving students a role was also effective. Visuals were amazing.”
- Teacher, Vaughn Next Century Learning Charter: Mainland, Los Angeles Unified School District

“It was so engaging! Well done! Even my picky 4th graders loved it!”
- Teacher, Kirkwood Christian Schools, Private

“Performers and message were all fabulous. Thank you so much for helping our students hear this message.”
- Principal, Ernie Pyle Elementary School, Bellflower Unified School District

“Great Job! The way you involve kids is great. Everything was great. Very effective explanations.”
- Teacher, Star Christian School, Private

“Students like the video and are very interested in topic. You had great control of the students, you captured and held their attention.”
- Teacher, La Rosa Elementary School, Temple City Unified School District

“Great show! Very engaging and educational.”
- Coordinator, Burbank Boulevard Elementary, Los Angeles Unified School District

“Enjoyed all the visuals (videos), easy for students to connect for understanding. I love how you involved students with vocabulary. Great quiz!”
- Teacher, Van Wig Elementary School, Bassett Unified School District

“We had an amazing time! The kids are eager to do their part to help our planet.”
- Teacher, 4th Street Elementary School, Los Angeles Unified School District

“The presenters were very engaging and involved the children in the presentation. Videos were great. Fun tie-in with website! Dances are fun!”
- Teacher, Buford Elementary School, Lennox School District

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