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Improve campus and community environments through facilitating an environmental service learning project! From waste-drives to planting or caring for a garden, youth-led projects empower students by providing an authentic learning experience that makes our world a healthier place to live and learn.

Improve Your Environment
How to Join Generation Earth
To be a part of Generation Earth, all projects should follow these steps!

1Contact Us! Let us know you are interested in doing a project, so we can offer you support.

2Get connected with a Generation Earth Project Manager

4Do the project!

Click here for a more Detail Project Pathway.

Kids planting trees

After contacting us, check out our Project Resources to find Teacher Action Guides and other downloadable Toolkits, Guides and tools that will guide and support you and your students through some popular environmental service learning projects. Not sure where to start? Consider doing a project to compete in one of our annual competitions! If you want more information about local waste and water issues in Los Angeles County, or how to facilitate a project with students, sign up for an upcoming Workshop.

Projects are led by YOU! Let your teacher know you would like to do a project with your class, or gather a group of friends to form an Eco Club and do a project together. Contact us so we can support you, then check out our Project Resources to find Toolkits, Guides and other tools that guide you through some popular projects. You can also sign up for one of our upcoming Workshops to learn more about waste and water issues in Los Angeles County, and are always welcome to participate in one of our annual competitions.

Bored of working on worksheets during your work-from-home time? We are now offering virtual projects! Let your teacher know you want to learn about the environment or work on a project with us by emailing We are excited to work with you!


Projects can range in scope and size and might be anything from spending a day creating educational posters to teach people about the benefits of native plant gardens to spending several weeks planning and setting up a recycling program at your school. If you already know which topic you want to explore, head over to Project Resources.

We recommend starting with the Water Pollution Prevention or Waste Reduction and Recycling Project Toolkit to explore your campus and choose a specific project. If you are not sure what type of project you want to work on, talk to your Generation Earth project Manager, or consider starting with a project to enter into the Streets to the Sea School Competition, or map your campus community and/or surveying students and teachers to identify existing issues. Check out the Teacher Action Guide for mapping and survey ideas!