FY 2022-23 Final Adopted Budget

Funds/Fund GroupsFinancing
Sources from
General Fund
Antelope Valley Drainage Fee District $48,000$48,000
Article 3 – Bikeway Fund $3,268,000$3,268,000
Aviation Capital Projects Fund $976,000$976,000
Aviation Enterprise Fund $20,277,000$20,277,000
Construction Fee Districts $39,298,000$39,298,000
County Lighting Maintenance Districts $58,353,000$58,353,000
Drainage Benefit Assessment Funds $693,000$693,000
Flood Control District $467,630,000$467,630,000
Garbage Disposal Districts $42,388,000$42,388,000
Internal Service Fund $936,007,000$936,007,000
Landscape Maintenance Districts $21,551,000$21,551,000
Landscaping and Lighting Act Districts $3,309,000$3,309,000
Measure M Local Return Fund $67,238,000$67,238,000
Measure R Local Return Fund $78,397,000$78,397,000
Measure W-SCW Funds $977,569,000$977,569,000
Off-Street Meter & Preferential Parking Districts $744,000$744,000
Proposition C Local Return Fund $122,379,000$122,379,000
Public Works General Fund $118,810,000$69,821,000$48,989,000
Road Fund $455,774,000$455,774,000
Sativa Water System Fund $7,594,000$7,594,000
Sewer Maintenance Districts $116,206,000$116,206,000
Solid Waste Management Fund $62,776,000$62,776,000
Special Road Districts $11,772,000$11,772,000
Transit Operations Fund $61,644,000$61,644,000
Waterworks Districts $263,416,000$263,416,000

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