Landcaster Landfill Expansion (Environmental Services)

Project objectives and activities: In permitting the landfill, the team consisted of permitting and regulatory agencies, aimed to work with WM to obtain the greatest benefits to residents of the County while minimizing impacts to surrounding communities. The result is a new CUP with 125 comprehensive conditions and more than 60 additional environmental mitigation measures to ensure safe and environmentally sound landfill operations. Included in the CUP are funding provisions that directly benefit local residents as well as County programs. 

Sustainable practices utilized or integrated into the existing practice: The CUP requires the landfill operator to either provide funding for or develop a Conversion Technology Facility for the long-term disposal needs of the Antelope Valley as well as fund three studies by an independent consultant long-term to assess the future disposal needs of the Antelope Valley. Additionally, the CUP requires all light-duty vehicles, transfer trucks, and waste collection trucks that utilize the landfill to be fueled by electricity, natural gas, biogas, or renewable diesel. 

Funding Details: The project is funded through the County's Solid Waste Management Fund, designated for Countywide solid waste management planning. The project generates an annual average of $500,000 for programs and improvements directly benefiting surrounding communities; $1.4 million for funding programs administered by County Departments; and $3 million for the General Fund for the next 30 years

EnvISIon Quality of Life
HIGH: Enhancing Public Health and Safety (QL-2.1) - 16/16 points. The CUP requires health and safety standards higher than those set by federal and State regulatory agencies.

LOW: Encourage Alternative Modes of Transportation (QL-2.5) - 0/15 points. The remote location of the project precludes the need for public transportation.
EnvISIon Leadership
HIGH: Provide for Stakeholder Involvement (LD-1.4) - 14/14 points. Stakeholders were provided opportunities to express concerns, and the project team took care to address their concerns in the CUP. A community advisory committee will be appointed by the Board of Supervisors and funded by the landfill operator to facilitate communications between the landfill and surrounding communities.

: Establish A Sustainability Management System (LD-1.2) - 4/14 points. The project did not have in place organizational policies, authorities, mechanisms and business processes for improving sustainable performance.
EnvISIon Resources Allocation
HIGH: Commission and Monitor Energy Systems (RA-2.3) - 11/11 Points. The landfill operator is required to monitor and maintain environmental and protection and control systems in perpetuity, or when Public Works determines that the landfill no longer poses a threat to public health and safety and the environment.

LOW: Support Sustainable Procurement Practices (RA-1.2) - 2/9 Points. The landfill does not have any policies in place that would require procurement of materials from suppliers with sustainable policies and practices.
EnvISIon Natural World

HIGH: Manage Stormwater (NW-2.1) - 21/21 Points. The project protects underground water with liners and leachate collection system at the bottom of the landfill. On the surface, storm water is collected at sedimentation ponds for percolation, and the collected water is reused for dust control onsite.

LOW: Maintain Wetland and Surface Water Function (NW-3.4) - 0/19 Points. No points could be obtained for the criteria because there are no streams, wetlands, or water bodies near the project to be maintained or restored.

EnvISIon Climate and Risk
HIGH: Prepare for Short-Term Hazards (CR-2.4) - 17/21 Points. The landfill operator is required to design the facility for 1 in 100-year storm event and the site stability is required to be reassessed following a 5.0 magnitude earthquake.

LOW: Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions (CR-1.1) - 0/25 Points. No points could be obtained for the criteria because a life-cycle analysis could not be performed.
EnvISIon Overall Rating
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