Alondra Pool/Skate Park (Public Buildings)
The Alondra Pool/Skate Park project was completed and opened to the public in August 2012.  The facility provides a new pool with diving capacity and electronic touch pads for racing events, a splash pad for children's water play and a 14,000-square-foot skateboarding terrain park.  The facility is also equipped with new buildings for dressing and showers, administration, lifeguard lockers, meeting areas and storage.  The project was designed to meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver certification and includes sustainable features such as drought tolerant landscape and photovoltaic solar collection panels.  Aside from the new facilities, the project also provided re-surfacing of the parking lot, walking paths and surrounding landscape and picnic areas.
LEED Rating
Benefits to Environmental Resources
Sustainable Sites:   
The project is situated in the Lawndale city community and is located along the way of public transportation paths.  A public transit stop is located at the street-side of the facility.  Bike racks are also provided for public use to accommodate and encourage alternate means of travel to and from the park.
Water Efficiency:
Low water consuming fixtures were installed throughout the facility including censored low-flow toilets and waterless urinals.  Water efficient or “drought tolerant” vegetation and landscaping species were specified to reduce water consumption.  The irrigation system is electronically controlled and fitted with a sensor to detect precipitation in order to reduce or halt water usage on storm days.
Energy Efficiency:
The project buildings are designed with natural ventilation features that capitalize on the site’s proximity to the South Bay beach environment.  Through perforated metal clearstories, the buildings allow air flow without unwarranted access into the buildings.
Photovoltaic solar collection panels are also a feature of the project.  The panels are mounted on the rooftop of the facility and contribute back to the power usage of the facility.
Materials and Resources:
During construction, appropriate material waste was recycled.  Products with recycle material content were utilized on the project as well as local regional materials sources.
Contribution to wellbeing of DPW and the County
The Alondra Pool/Skate Park provides improved recreation facilities and services to the Lawndale community.  These actions are also consistent with the Goal of Children and Families' Well Being as the pool/skate park facility provides educational facilities and programs.  This newly opened facility provides recreational facilities for citizens of all ages in the local area.
The project also included a Civic Arts component.  A local artist was selected and provided the enhancement to the terrain park in the form of silhouette images throughout the grounds of the skate park.
Contribution to Economic Health
The project consists of an investment in public infrastructure.  The park provides a great resource to the local community.  The project will use of energy and water efficient fixtures and equipment.  This will result in cost savings to the County, since there will be a reduction in electricity and potable water consumption.
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