High Desert Health System Multi-Service Ambulatory Care Center (Public Buildings)
The new 142,000 square-foot facility will include a two-story MACC building and two separate one-story service buildings (building crafts and materials management/central plant) with surface parking and other related site and infrastructure improvements, and will be developed on approximately 14.91 acres located adjacent to the intersection of East Avenue I and 3rd Street East.
The High Desert Health System Multi Ambulatory Care Center has been register with the USGBC and is currently seeking LEED certification with the goal of LEED Gold. 
LEED Rating
Benefits to Environmental Resources

The project optimized energy performance and water use efficiency, enhanced the sustainability of the site, improved indoor and outdoor environmental quality, and maximized the use and reuse of sustainable, recycled, and local resources.

  • Maximize Open Space: 31% of the side has been dedicated to vegetated open space and pedestrian orientated hardscape. 
  • Stromwater Quality Control: 91% of Total Suspended Solids will be filtered onsite.
  • Water Efficient Landscaping: The selection of drought tolerant landscaping and an efficient irrigation system connected to local weather data is anticipated to reduce water use for landscape by 80%
  • Water Use Reduction: The use of low and ultra low flush and flow plumbing fixtures are anticipated to reduce water use inside the building by 21%
  • Optimize Energy Performance: The project is anticipated to use 30% less energy than a comparable building designed to meet code.
  • On Site Renewable Energy: Photovoltaic panels on site are anticipated to generate 19% of the energy needs for the project.
  • Construction Waste Management: The project is anticipated to divert more than 75% of construction debris from the landfill. 
  • Recycled Content: More than 20% of materials (based on cost) are anticipated to be sourced from recycled resources.
  • Certified Wood: More than 50% of all new wood products are anticipated to be from certified sources.
  • Indoor Air Quality Performance: Ventilation rates have been increased by more than 30% compared to standards.
  • Thermal Comfort Design: The project has been design to comply with ASHRAE 55 standards for thermal comfort.
Contribution to wellbeing of DPW and the County
The proposed Project will improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare services by developing a new High Desert MACC Facility that will replace the function of the existing High Desert MACC and continue to provide various outpatient medical services, including primary care, urgent care, specialty care, and outpatient services.
Contribution to Economic Health
The project is an investment in public infrastructure and reduced operation and maintenance costs.
  • Site Selection and Community Connectively: The project has been located in a preferred location with walking access to convenient services.
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