DPW HQ Operation and Maintenance LEED Certification project (Public Buildings)
This project was to provide LEED Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance Certification for the Department of Public Works (DPW) existing Headquarters building.  The building is a 12 story high-rise office building with a basement and a mezzanine floor.  Through the process of LEED certification, the building has reduced energy consumption, water usage, and material recycling; thus reduced natural resource demands on the environment.  DPW Headquarters building obtained Gold Rating from USGBC in 2011.
LEED Rating
Benefits to Environmental Resources

Green building practice can substantially reduce or eliminate negative environmental impacts and improve existing unsustainable design, construction, and operational practices.  The following is a list of the highlights that benefits the environment:

  • Achieved over 20 percent indoor water-use reduction with water-efficient plumbing fixtures.
  • Achieved building energy efficiency of 43 percent above national average.
  • Provided an ongoing diversion of 50 percent of the solid waste by weight from landfill.
Contribution to wellbeing of DPW and the County

The building practices utilize green building principles, which reduce natural resource consumption, promote occupant comfort, and have demonstrated a commitment to sustainability in the following manner:


  • Improve comfort 
  • Improve health
  • Improve air, thermal, and acoustic environment


  • Demonstrate commitment to sustainability
  • Demonstration of best practices
  • Maintain leadership in facilities design and practice


  • Minimize strain on local infrastructure
  • Enhance the quality of life of our communities
  • Policies and lessons learned, which can be shared with other departments


  • Enhance and protect ecosystems and biodiversity
  • Improve air and water quality
  • Reduce solid waste
  • Conserve natural resources - water, energy, etc.
Contribution to Economic Health
  • Reduce operating costs - Lower energy cost in HVAC and lighting and reduce maintenance costs by monitoring that provides feedback in performance and pinpoint problems. 
  • Improve employee productivity by reducing absenteeism from sickness and improving morale.
  • Increase property value.


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